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Another preachy hijack from Can life-affirming athiests prove their beliefs?


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. Atheits are not life-affirming ... They are ... life-negating. 


. But it doesn't mean that they cannot prove their so-called truth.


. Everybody can prove whatever non-sense they want. Logic is a prostitute. It can be for or against anything ...


. That's the whole art of a lawyer. A lawyer can be for or against anybody, depending how much he can accumulate from a muderer. Is it worth to defend this convicted criminal for this amount of Money ... ?


. In fact, Atheists, theists, are all believers, and belief is not the realm of science. Science means to experience something, that which is; no belief is needed.


. You don't believe in the Sun ... There's no need to it. You see it!


. Life is not a question to be solved ... Life ... is a Mystery to be lived ...


. If you experience God ... through Meditation ... If you experience awe; Tao ... then ... you don't have to believe in it.


. Believe means: you don't know. But you'll pretend that you know to yourself and to the world. Whether you know it or you don't. There's no point of believing in anything.


. And if you don't know ... Be wise enough ... To declare it.


. Understanding your ignorance is the first step for wisdom ...

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