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hijack from A mass can be be lifted with force less than its weight


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There are numerous ways to "cheat" gravity.  We can throw ourselves forward and using our legs to convert the momentum to lifting.  Essentially we can use most of our muscles to lift ourselves rather than just those designed for the task.  As you get older you find that such tricks are less a luxury and more a necessity.  Where you were once able to leap to your feet from a prone position in one single movement you'll find that six or eight movements become needed.  


They say if you can get up in two or fewer movements you won't die for five years.  It's been a long time though since I could do it in two.  


I don't believe there are "laws of physics" but I certainly believe a set amount of work is required to left weight and this amount is fixed.  Efficiency can vary widely though no matter what means is employed.  

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