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Off-topic rant about closed thread (from Universe Vs Multiverse !)

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Baning one or closing his topic without letting his answer is not a good behavior for a group of people who are scientific brothers together! Such as religious brothers! Specially in a scientific forum!!!

The member John Cothber and me were debating based on Algorithm/Logic!

I quoted that for debating/discussing We have to reference to one of:



Or both

Otherwise we aren't anything but the fool.


He brought an example that he claims is king of china.


Am i a Chinese!???


Have I ever gone to china???


Am i a follower of events of the china that maybe he has been the king of china or not!???


Therefore i am not allowed to deny his claim!

Well, but if one have one or two of the above, for example he says:

Nope! You aren't!

The onus will be on him to refer a source for his denying!

And he says bcz of i am a chinese man and aware that who is the king of my country!

It about the Experience.

And or he says: "i am a political/businesMan and aware that the king of china is another man!"

Then he in continue can reply: "but I has been the king since few minutes ago and you aren't aware!"


Or about the lilliput lands that he claimed and nobody is allowed to deny that without having gone there or having opposite knowledge about that!


For example the same size of the universe;

We aren't allowed deny that while we haven't ever gone around that and see its correctness or not!

I debate/discuss by Algorithm and it's not against the science!

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