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Seven Souls

I think I finally figured out the theory of everything in it's general answer and how to get to it.

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first off, I would like to say that I know how extreme what I am proposing is, and the insane craziness of the world right now has a lot to do with it, however I would very much like to not tell you any of that right now, considering most of it, if not all of it would probably just end up making everything worse.

The first thing I have to explain is how you get there and it is definitely not a easy task and most of the time would have to be done alone if it would be done early, it answers to questions of the beginning creation of the universe, all of existence itself as well as the start of concrete proof of what would happen after you died and how that would make sense in science and some kind of physics.

imagine getting to the theory of everything like a victory condition in civilization in your eyes, but it's extremely hard to do and extremely insanely complicated.

like civilization, there is a lot of different ways to get to it, but they all lead to the same answer.

my guess is that physics and astrophysics, biology and DNA engineering and spirituality and psychology are the main three from what I have found.

my guess is that on the biology and DNA engineering path, you will figure out what creates a species and life itself in the first place.

and in physics and astrophysics, you will figure out what really created all of existence all that time ago.

I went on the spirituality and psychology path because it's the only path that can be done early in a civilization that isn't considered a omega civilization from what I know about the theory of everything, however, even though it's the fastest path, it's the hardest one and also the most dangerous and terrifying one.

so much so that I can't even say any of it here even if I wanted too without causing a giant negative reaction.

so what even is the theory of everything in a general scope, you all might be asking yourselves?

it's friendship and this is why.

I want you to think of the big bang theory and how it doesn't actually make any sense at all period because there can't be a normal reaction in this point in time that can explain it.

now what if I told you that that's impossible the happen at all in any timeline at all period.

you would then try to make a excuse to explain the reason why it's true even if it's not and that's kind of the point because there's something else, your brain just doesn't have the ability to physically calculate it right now because it hasn't evolved that way at this point in time so you make a excuse and divide yourselves instead of trying to figure it out because that's way over a almost infinite amount of time easier then trying to figure it out.

The main issue is that isn't consistent and eventually it breaks the human species down until we have to go back from the start, the reason why humans fight so many wars is because they use that as a way to slow that down, the huge problem is when you get nuclear atom bombs and insanely dangerous technology into the mix that can be used, so the species ends up just going insane because It can't physically and mentally figure out how to make war into it's way of living that will fix the problem without completely and utterly destroying the entire species.

mainly because no one wants to choose who lives and who has to die for the human race so much that they can't get the technology to do that fast enough to be able to avoid this.

I am not physically, mentally a human anymore because of a spiritual and psychological journey that was so insanely hell that it managed to actually physically change my brain and how it works at a entire different species level through completely and utterly abusing evolution in ways that wouldn't normally be possible without a extremely insane amount of preparation beforehand that would be based entirely on luck in order to even make that happen at all period.

what do you all think makes more sense to create all of existence? a single thing without a connection, or the connection itself connecting with something that doesn't have any rules and makes zero sense at all period like pure nonsensical chaos?

if you all have any questions, I would love to hear them. that is all everyone.

and hopefully soon, friends. hehe.

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Moderator Note

We discuss science here, and this ain’t it. Don’t broach this topic again.

edit: You could start a thread and learn what science is, and why this isn’t a theory. 


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