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Kuyukov Vitaly

Two-dimensional holographic information as the fundamental unit of matter.

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The best idea in quantum gravity is the holographic principle. Holographic equivalence between gravity in volume and quantum theory on the surface (AdS / CFT). For example, a black hole encodes quantum information on the horizon.

In this theory, matrix objects are more fundamental than the strings themselves.

Here a topological formula for calculating the energy of a matrix object is obtained (equivalent to the Gauss theorem for gravitational mass).

More details here.


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Can you sketch some kind of rough holographic dictionary in your picture of matrix objects and strings? Bulk/surface, etc...

I'm not sure what your intention on this forum is. Do you want to ask any questions, or do you want to explain your ideas, or do you want to give them some publicity?

Or do you want people to tell you what they think about your ideas? Do you want to elicit questions, corrections, collaboration?

The more down-to-Earth you get, the more feedback you're going to get.

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