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Will era of a superplants come?

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Majority of modern agricultural plants have photosynthesis efficiency lower than 0.5%. It is claimed that sugar cane has ph. efficiency 8%, while record claimed efficiency in nature may approach 20-30% (in some  microalgae). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynthetic_efficiency                                    

The vast majority of modern plants cannot extract carbon from soil or organic fertilizers (correct me if I'm wrong). But only from air, where is a meager amount of CO2.

Majority cannot fix nitrogen from air.

None are capable to active breathing like animals, but only to passive sorption, what should be a thousands of times less efficient.

I wish to know, how much it would be possible to increase agriculture productivity and how it would transform agriculture in general if we try to use genetic engineering to correct all the above mentioned disadvantages and if it possible to achieve at all? Could GE be used to modify all the plants to increase their photosynthetic efficiency many times, to allow them extract carbon from soil and fertilizers, fix nitrogen from air and have active breathing like an animals? Also, could we create plants which are capable to replace meat completely, which contain all the proteins and elements typical to a healthy meat?

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