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Parking The Receptor With Turmeric.(Covid-19 treatment)

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My child was young. He was very sensitive for cold. Even small change in weather causes cough & throat infection. Even antibiotic gives very temporary relief to him. I think about this problem & do some different thing different.

I give medicine & side by side, I mix 1/4 tablespoon of turmeric in bowl of water.

I give 1 tablespoon of that very dilute turmeric water to my child after every 1/2 an hour for a complete day. So that his throat will be yellow from inside always.

I find that this give him relief early.

Sometime even medicine is not require for mild infection.

& today his immunity for cough is improved.


I consider that in this treatment. I keep the receptor in the throat engage with turmeric (Which is a medicinal powder present in Kitchen) & for virus receptor in throat is not available.  So, to multiply the virus, additional space in the throat is not available. This turmeric has very different medicinal smell. That may go directly to lunge & again engage receptors there. So, our body get more time to create antibodies for virus.  


I think in covid-19 treatment. Above treatment is given side by side then patient will get relief very early. This is simple, harmless, economical, scientific & very supportive. Today, I give some Ayervidic syrup & this turmeric water & many time I do not require any other medicine. 

Here, we are parking the turmeric in the receptor of throat before virus will get park on it. This is simple but effective side by side treatment.

I want your comment please. 

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Moderator Note

This is a forum for discussing evidence-based science. Suggesting untested medical treatments is not appropriate. (Anecdotes are not evidence. ) It is also potentially dangerous if it stops people getting proper medical treatment.

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