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Just thinking

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 I was reading reply that Mordred wrote the other day and it could just be that I misunderstood but I started trying to create the universe starting off with plank dimensions. Assuming that time is like an apple and that you either have an apple or you don't, so in some crazy sense it makes sense that you either have a plank unit of time or you don't, so not being able to attribute time to anything between t=0, and what was it? t=10-34th? Because, if it ain't a defined unit of time then it ain't time, kinda makes sense, well at least it does to me. Sort of, kind of.

Then I proceeded to build the universe one plank unit of time at a time...

Right away I realized I had a small problem having to do with the fact, well it starts out small, and since I'm assuming a somewhat spherical creation of expanding plank units, well it just gets worse. The problem being what appears to be a natural geometric phenomena occurs. As my imaginary expanding universe expanded outward from the singularity in order for each layer to maintain the necessary plank values each layer had to get smaller, really fast.

Then I thought that it would be much simpler, maybe, if the original plank unit singularity dimensionally was really really huge and it now being, what 14 billion years later having finally achieved the values assigned by Plank. I'm kinda convinced that if I live long enough I'll be able to use relativity to explain exactly how this happens... or, not? Well, I'm convinced I could, but don't really think I'm gonna live that long.

Now perhaps, your wondering why not just have a bunch of little tiny plank units that just start spewing from the singularity in a somewhat spherical fashion haphazardly, and now that I'm thinking about it I'm wondering the same thing?

But, another problem seems to occur, assuming that each plank unit is of equal value a rigid geometric shape seems unlikely unless it is square? And unless we can get some really serious relativity going the casual observer might notice the shapes emanating from the singularity in a spherical order aren't exactly square no matter how you calculate it, unless there are parts that don't fit within the Plank definition of time. The blurry parts that seem to fall within t=0 and t=10-34th, but for one thing. Unless we can randomly choose where t=0 and t=10-34th actually is the whole thought gets blurry. So, it's back to the enormous singularity to the now present Size Plank Units. Well, that is my preference anyway... I just need to think about it some more.

😊 Mordred do you see what happens when you start making sense to me? Only joking 😂 

Not about the part where you said something that made sense to me... But honestly my short term memory is still a forever a problem.

Maybe, I should have started with something smaller than the universe. But damn, I did start with Plank units... Is there anything smaller?

And Mordred, I'm not actually talking to you so there is no obligation to answer.

The truth is I'm

...Just thinking...

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