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Joseph Lazar

Unified Theory

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Turns out, duality is the bridge for the Unified Theory.
The Virtual dimension/field does only quantum waves/field excitations (quantum weirdness events). It isn't using spacetime, but can influence the bending of it via its mass. A particle/wave in duality mode will have a physical state, so it is using the virtual dimension and spacetime (Einstein's field equations). Matter too large to be influenced by the virtual dimension are governed by Einstein's field equations.

Dark Matter doesn't have a duality mode so it is stuck in the Virtual dimension/field.

Gravity is just the bending of spacetime due to mass. The mass can be from quantum waves or spacetime objects.

An observed matter wave that eventually hits a final spacetime panel completes the journey from one side of the bridge to the other.

Unobserved waves travel across the bridge as just waves and then slam into a the final panel with wave collapse.

  • The virtual realm represents infinity.
  • It's close to QFT ..except without spacetime.
  • Only waves and excitations function in it.
  • It is all time, all the time.
  • It was here before spacetime.
  • It's virtual.
  • It doesn't need spacetime.
  • Can't directly observe it.
  • Nothing is physical/real.

When you add spacetime to QFT it becomes a model to describe a particle in duality mode.

Quantum weirdness events are not real/physical. Spacetime makes things real/physical.

I think entangled waves are seen as a single entity to the virtual field. The opposite spin is a polarizing snap. Once one is observed, they are no longer entangled. I suspect if one is to be observed in its flight, they exit the BBO as collasped waves ..physical particles.

Uncertainty is only when the Virtual Field has influence.


Spacetime can not exist without the virtual realm. Spacetime needs somewhere to exist. The virtual realm is the root of the universe.

Cosmic voids are mostly the virtual realm. It has something to do with why they are the only spots expanding.

I don't think spacetime expands so the universe starting as a tiny dot probably isn't right. I would guess the volumes of all the galaxies where closely neighboring each other filled with plasma. And then floated away from each other.

Einstein refused to believe anything could be without spacetime ..that's why he failed at the unified theory.

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