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Konis FIlos

Fibrous Tissue removal

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I am new to this forum.My name is Konis and i have a question for you.
I've had gynecomastia(male breast enlargement because of hormone imbalancement) for about 7 years now.The point that i could use medication has passed .
The only solution that doctors reccommend is getting a surgery.
But thats pretty expensive and insurance companies dont cover it.So i was thinking..

Is there a way to get rid of the fibrous tissue in my breasts?I know that since its formed it stays there.Could there be a chemical that i can apply or inject that would actually work?!
The only thing i've tried is dmso with liwuid iodine but it doesnt seem to do much if anything.
As always your opinion is just another thought and you have no part in this,not a responsibility.

Thanks in advance,

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Moderator Note

I am sorry that you are experiencing this and that your insurance is unhelpful. Unfortunately, we are not in the business of dispensing medical advice here and I will have to close this thread. Please don't do anything drastic without consulting your doctor(s). 


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