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Why are my features so different from my family's?

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I am very small. Like really. I am even smaller than what is is considered "small" I have never met any girl smaller than me. I am 1,55 and weight 42 kg. My fraternal twin sister is so different from me. I look adopted,I dont look like anyone in my family and it makes me depressed because I dont like how I look. One of my major complex is my head/face. I am overall small,but my face/head is incredibly small compares to anyone else. I don't have microcephaly. I measured my head and it is 21 inches,it is considered petite but I've seen different videos in youtube of girl whose head is 21 inches or even 20.5 but they look average in size,their faces and head look normal. I dont know if my face is small because I am trying to think,okey your head size is the same as several girls you have watched so there is nothing wrong with your head. Now I keep thinking of my face that is unbelivable narrow and small and none of my parents has this type of face shape,both have kind of a round/rectangular face with a well-defined jaw and cheekbones. My jaw is narrow,I have non existent cheekbones and I may sound exagerate but it is true. Not only is my head narrow but small in size because when I compared my face to my friend's who is the same age and race mine looks like a grape compared to an apple. Sorry if I beated around the bush but if my head size is within the range of 'normality' why does it still look so freaking small?

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If you've looked into genetics at all (and you sound smart enough to have done that first), then you know the answer to why you look different from other family members. Genes express themselves in a myriad of ways. This sounds more like a combination of confirmation bias and an overly critical personal perspective. 

It's normal for us to judge ourselves more harshly than we do others. You said yourself, you look at videos and don't see anything wrong with a 21" head (or smaller!!), but when you look at yourself you're more critical. You're holding yourself to a higher standard of looks than you hold anybody else to. And the more you think about it, the more you confirm what you suspect is true (which probably isn't). You don't like the way you look, you find more things you don't like, and you ignore when others point out all your good features. Confirmation bias.

For me, it was the sound of my voice when recorded. We all sound different in our heads because of surrounding bone and tissues and fluids, but I really hated the way I sounded for a long time. Everyone told me I was crazy, that I have a beautiful voice, and it took me a LONG time to believe them because I sounded so different on tape or a video. I was overly critical because I'd made it so important to have a good voice. 

Humans have a broad spectrum of looks and body types. Comparing yourself to anybody else is pretty pointless, but a lot of us do it all the time (unfortunately). I think most of modern advertising tries to imply there is a preferred body type, and that makes us overly conscious of how we look to others. Do your friends and family think you're overly critical of yourself? 

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