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Nuclear Coffin:

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Under the dome: Fears Pacific nuclear 'coffin' is leaking: 

As nuclear explosions go, the US "Cactus" bomb test in May 1958 was relatively small—but it has left a lasting legacy for the Marshall Islands in a dome-shaped radioactive dump.

The dome—described by a UN chief Antonio Guterres as "a kind of coffin"—was built two decades after the blast in the Pacific ocean region.

The US military filled the bomb crater on Runit island with radioactive waste, capped it with concrete, and told displaced residents of the Pacific's remote Enewetak atoll they could safely return home.

But Runit's 45-centimetre (18-inch) thick concrete dome has now developed cracks.

And because the 115-metre wide crater was never lined, there are fears radioactive contaminants are leaching through the island's porous coral rock into the ocean.


more at link.....


JCAFM! If things were serious enough to build a dome over the top, why not fully lined and the under-side? The mind boggles!

Thoughts then must raise what the situation is like at Mururoa atoll and the French tests which finished much later!

What a legacy we have left!! 

This was also where the  H bomb, code named "Bravo" the most powerful ever detonated by the USA, was detonated.

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