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Is this statement about musical losses right?

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I am weak in English

I used the language translator


Please tell the truth And please do not say bias

Is this true about music? Is it proven in the medical world?

The text below is a statement by a religious expert and a few doctors about the damage to the music


""They are not ready to study the evil and pernicious effects of music. To the extent that the people who are realistic are not content to this condition also, and in spite of those things being common they always endeavor to understand the reality and are engaged in research. 
Music from many viewpoints is worth investigation. 

(1)>>>>>> The famous French expert Dr. Lycus Carl says: “It is possible that the fulfillment of beastly lust might be having some importance, but there is nothing unfair than this that the life passes in fun. 

The general deficiency of intelligence and understanding is the effect of alcohol and in the end it is the result of indiscipline in the habit. There is no doubt in it that films, radio, television are partner to the worrisome moment. 
Generally music should be counted as something which has narcotic effect (which causes benumbing of sense), because, it's benumbing cannot be denied by any means. There are many types of benumbing and a person can numb his nerves in different ways. 

(2)>>>>>>>>Dr Luther “The effect of songs and music in anesthetizing the nerves is stronger than the effect of drugs.”

Sometimes numbness comes by food. For example alcoholic drinks create great numbness in the nerves and render ineffective the power of thinking and senses. Sometimes something is inhaled through the nose that creates numbness; for example heroine, which is absorbed in the body through the nostrils, which for a certain period of time makes one intoxicated and many such patients who require anesthesia by such matter, is injected into their veins. 

Sometimes this numbness comes through the ears by listening to music and concert. This effect sometimes is so strong that it takes out the person out of reality like a dazed one. And his attention is withdrawn from everything. ""

(3)>>>>>>>>>It causes harm to the physics of human body and leaves a bad effect on the nervous system. Keeping these factors in mind a Professor of Columbia University, Dr. Wolf Adler says: 
The best and most fascinating tunes of music leaves the worst kind of effects on the nervous system of humans and especially when the climate is hot; then the unpleasant effects are too much. 

"The two major divisions of the automatic nervous system are called
the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems."
Sympathetic nerves leave the middle regions of the spinal cord
"Parasympathetic nerves leave the central nervous system from the
upper regions where they travel in cranial nerves (i.e., 12 pairs of
nerves attached to the brain and serving head and neck), and from the
lowermost regions of the spinal cord where they travel in spinal
"Most internal organs of your body are supplied with both
parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve fibres."
"In general, these two types of nerves work in opposite ways. For
example, impulses travelling along sympathetic nerve fibres toward
the heart increase your heart-beat rate, whereas impulses travelling
along the parasympathetic nerves leading to the heart disease its
"When we examine the effects of sympathetic stimulation of various
organs, a pattern begins to emerge. We find that sympathetic
stimulation causes a number of events:

1. Widening of air passage leading to the lungs;
2. Constriction or narrowing of blood vessel in the skin and in the
intestinal tract, resulting in blood being shifted from the digestive
organs and skin to the muscles;
3. A general slowing down of movements in the intestinal tract;
4 An increase in the force and rate of heart-beat:
5. Release of the blood sugar from the liver;
6. Release of the harmones adrenaline.
All of these activities prepare the human being for emergencies such
as running or fighting. The widening of air passages makes it easier
for the human being to beathe faster and get more oxygen. Blood is
shifted from regions where it will not be needed during the emergency
(the intestinal tract, for example) to skeletal and heart muscle
which will need oxygen and blood sugar.
The heart beats faster and stronger so that blood circulates through
the muscles at a higher rate. Blood sugar is released from storage in
the liver into the blood stream where it will be available to supply
muscles with energy.

In short, sympathetic stimulation prepares the man for emergencies,
and in this process, increases the blood pressure, retards the
function of digestive system and increases the sugar contents of the
The function of Parasympathetic nerves system is opposite to the
sympathetic system "It widens the veins, releases nonadrenalin
hormones and generally retards activities.
"The two nervous systems run parallel to each other and in co-
operation from one part of the body to another. The co-operation of
the two systems is essential for maintaining the equilibrium of the
body, which in turn has a great bearing and effect on the physical
and mental health of man.
Should at any time there be a lack of co-operation between these two
systems, physical or mental disorders could arise resulting in one
disease or another."
Some actions or movements outside human body can adversely affect the
natural equilibrium of these two systems. One of those things is
A brisk and lively musical programme, particularly if it is
accompanied by musical instruments, disturbs this equilibrium of the
various systems; digestion is badly affected; palpitation of the
heart is increased; blood pressure goes high and abnormal secretion
of hormones leaves a lasting bad effect upon general health.
Music stimulates mostly the sympathetic nervous system; and it may
create insomnia (lack of sleep); it may cause tempers to flareup;
sudden laughter or nonsensical talks are amongst its possible
effects. It may even lead to mania (a kind of madness)..
Such people may be seen to move their hands and feet in dancing
pattern even when not listening to music.


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1 hour ago, hamidhrt said:

I am weak in English

I used the language translator

It is still nonsense. I don't know who these people are (the "famous French expert"  Dr. Lycus Carl is so famous that there is no mention of him on the Internet). I wouldn't be surprised if someone invented the names to make these idiotic statements sound more plausible.

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