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Extracting Elements


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can you be a bit more specific as to the elements that you need?

this thread could go on forever with different extraction methods else. Also what equipment do you have to use? a basement corner or a fully equiped lab?

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for lithium u can heat a lithium battery, then squezze out the molten lithium.


Dont even think about it. The melting point for Li is 180,5 deg C, with a serious risk for ignition if the metal is exposed to air. I have once melted Li under (or rather over!) paraffinum oil, and it was just terrible: the oil was very hot, some nasty smoke emanating from the oil, turning somewhat brown-yellow (decomposiing) and the molten metal floating on top of it, totally impossible to get some control over. And with a severe risk of ignition all the time. I guess I was lucky that the bloody metal didn´t ignite right in my face.


Don´t handle molten Li, it may ignite right up in your face!

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oh ya. and plus ive doen it before and its not a big deal, its not bad. and ya there were times when it ignited, but im not gonna go run away crying if it happens. big woop just cover it with something.

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