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I recently started my doctorate program in geosciences (I just finished my first semester). I have a bachelors and masters of science (with a concentration in hydrogeology). I have prior work experience in both environmental consulting and oil/natural gas exploration and production. When I applied to the university, I had a general idea of what I was interested in, which is water resource availability and climate change. The professor I entered under told me that it was okay to apply without a definitive topic and that we would figure it out. Well now I am being pressed to write my proposal (which is due by the end of the third semester) and I am not receiving any guidance. I am beginning to stress out because I like to be on top of things and I feel like I'm lost.

I wanted to know if anyone knows of any pertinent research or gaps in research pertaining to climate change and water resource availability (or water quality, water cycle, fracking and injection wells). I know this is quite broad and generalized but I just need to start narrowing my focus. Any ideas would be much appreciated!

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In the latter part of the 20th century we have been pumping water back into strata to increase oil/gas extraction yields amongst other things.

So now we have a few decades of data on the effects of this pumping.

With you background investigating the effects of this change from oil in the stata to water might provide a suitable subject.

But also with your background, please remember to put in as well as take out.
So I look forward to your helpful participation at SF in the future.


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