Topologie analysis

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hello I am interested in topology anlysis what requirements or knowledge do I have to learn topology anlysis thanks you verf much

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Hello and welcome.

Topology is a very wide subject that enters and affects many different areas of mathematics.

Since you mention Analysis I am going to offer material relevant to Topology and analysis.
But one of the attachments lists other areas such as geometrical topology or algebraic topology.
Come back if you want more information here.

I am posting the introduction and contents pages from two different elementary (both very successful)  Topology and Analysis textbooks.
Reading this should help you understand what you require from Analytic Topology.
I am not suggesting you will use these particular books (though they would serve you very well)

But they list the subjects you need to know the meaning of.

The first is a British book by W A Sutherland and published by Oxford University.

Introduction to Topological and Metric spaces




The second is an american book by G F Simmons, Published by Magraw Hill.

Introduction to Topology and Modern analysis.



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