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Split from: Flying saucer. Picture, project of a spacecraft

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The second picture is hard to find with a link and for the third, you must type in "vril triebwerk" in the german google or only vril.


I have send the second picture, with an explanation, to a secret service and the result are the following videos...


I understand this engine very good, when anybody wants an explanation, say it to me.


It's german technique. In the internet they say that Viktor Schauberger has made it.


It gives more videos of it and the israelis has test it at the last one, when you dont see other poor countrys,


And to get no trouble i have asked the german secret service per telephone, if i can make things with it. :D:D:D They have said, good luck in space. Its no joke.


The Chinese have test it too.


I must lough very loud over it, on the hole world big spirals in the sky and all in fear and scare. :D:D:D


The Japan Quake has to do with my work, anybody has build shit with technique, that i write in the internet. I have other things that the UFOs. Im not sure if the person that have triggered it knows about it, because i dont know how he is.


I think in the past it was a grand father paradox, with my person, im not sure about it but i have feel the quake a few hours before it real starts. I have work at time machines too. ;):D


And its not over with the problem and the grand father problem, i feel quakes before it starts.


Maybe anybody has bring the time machines in the past, to win the race about the world might.


Maybe the person that have made it, knows about it and think that this is not the problem of them.


It was a crazy show at the morning as i see it, it was short i go down at this moment. It was to much for my annoy. But yet i have a good feeling about it that it, that the future exists.

Anybody has triggered it. It must give persons in the world that knows about it. My real issue was to fight against e.t.s with time machines.


I have read about it that it quakes, when you make to much things with time machines, it gives people that knows it.


I am absolutely sure that it dont was the black hole from this engine test....



I have a plan for it to make the reactor close, that not more water goes out of it. And i have called in the past the german reactor agency but i was not fast enough.


I dont want that and its at this day very much for me. But im not the person they have make a mistake with time machines.


But with time machines, time is relative and no problem. You can made many things in zero seconds. :D You go in the past and it was in the future another thing. And for a human in the future it changes in zero seconds.

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Sorry i cant edit it bcause i dont have time. :D My machine is not ready. :D Joke. :D

No, but in the past i have called the german secret service to warn them about the problem. Im not sure about it where all uses time machines, but its very dangerous, its more dangerous then a nuclear explosion.

But every body must know that it comes technique in the future that are more dangerously as the technique in the past. And we need it, the light of the sun burns not for all times and the next problem is the neighbor galaxy crashes with the milky way.

I have made a misstake, but i don't see the problems come with the quakes and japan. But i say it, its not over with the problem of the grandfather paradox and the quakes.


But its my life, when i was really the man that have made the start for time machines, the machines, was used in the past of my life and i can nothing for it, its the problem with hungry for might. Im hang with it' but i was not the trigger.

The Person that have triggered it can be in the hole world in hole times and the next problem, the person can be in the space and the next thing was then, he cann be there in all times too.

I have read about projects from the americans that they have lost persons in time. I dont know where the problem is.

Its all shit.

I know that every body needs a cool head, but at this moment i can go crazy to the thousands time.

And i dont know how strong e.t.s involved in it.

Its a very strong thing to come clear with it and don't go crazy, the burden is enormously.

And the next thing im completely alone with the problems.I dont know how long goes it good.

I have more problems then any other on this planet.

I have situations that are at the maximum and i was much times in hospital, one example are try  two times suicide, that bring me to the intensive station.

Its the limit of physiques, buts its the limit of psychologically burden.

In the past i have made a joke that we live in the computer game half life, but i have realize the big problems.

It gives a german sentence, one problem erased, thousand new.

I have seen strange things, you can see some of it on youtube.

The maximum of phenomena is, and the problem is i can make videos of it and can show it to other people, at some times i can move the hole planet with my body. I know its crazy, it must has two do with the time machines. Look at the spirals at this moment im short to lost my mind and believe thats all not the truths. You see it to or?


I have made in the past a joke with this video...

You see the spirals or not? It gives other strange things on YouTube. i have started a physically revolution.


I hope it goes all good, but i realize peace for peace big problems.


Its to much at this moment i think its all a hallucination and the spirals are not real.


I hope i come clear and don't lost my mind for the whole life.


At this moment i realize the shit that i do with space ship technology, time machines and the whole shit. Its like Star Trek. But the humans in Star Trek learn things about it and was prepared for it.

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I try to control it..............................................


I cant go out of this game nobody is ready to take the control over it.


Its like an avalanche that you trigger.It goes further and further. No one can stop it.


I'm sure it don't stops with my death, the biggest country have the technology. And i dont have a time machine because it costs billions.


The nuclear technology was a thing that brings us at the rim of death and yet it gives new things.


I have at this moment problems, that i must concentrate me that i don't lost my mind.


I have seen spaceships in the sky too. I had it on camera. I have situations there are accompany me ufos. I have show the videos to other peoples and they confirm it.But then i think the peoples must a hallucination and yet i ask me is it the computer too? Whats real?


I must think often at the spaceship pilot from the x files that have lost the mind.


I must concentrate me often very strong that i don't jump from the next bridge and i have taken the strongest pills that it gives and that in a very high dosage and that makes the problem not better.


You want believe it but i was over 100 times in the psychiatry and they can help only a little. I see the videos and the quake and the whole other problems.


Im not sure about it, maybe it gives in the future a movie in the cinema about it.


But at this moment its definitively to much.

The Psychiatry thinks i'm schizophrenic they don't know what i have see and have do.

They have absolutely no idea about it what is going on.

I have send much things to different secret services, thats only one thing that ive done. The Secret Service do not knows all.


Yet im short of puke on the ground.



And yet it turns over and feels so that i get a shock, like a shock when you have a car crash. Its so much that i have often have moments that i go ko.

The next feeling is that i go death. I have it often im not sure that this are the annoys, but when you have shock from a car crash you can die too.

The strange thing is everybody sits in the train that i have started and it wants stop. But the train has to much drivers. Its like in a plain where not one man have the control.


When you see it like a poker game, it has more players then one. And the strange thing comes yet, i give the cards, i send the technology out to the internet. :D But its not 100% the same. I cant stop the game. Its a game that you cant stop.


Yet i feel cold, i think its war tremble.


Its like in a yet plane that begins to tremble.


I mean the planet was the whole train, and the game ends first when all players go out. :D


The USA can stop it or the russians or other countrys..... Im not sure if i can stop it too, maybe with my dead. I dont know what is going on when im dead.


With the bombs is only an example. Im sure that the train or the game stops.



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It can be that the engineer of time machines, brings the dead to all people too. Like a atomic war. Im not 100% sure of it.


To push the red button is likely kamikaze, it can be that i can made kamikaze too. My kamikaze was stronger then an atomic war. :D


But when you think about the nuclear power plants, when they melt down, when the big bombs fall, all go down.


How i have said, im not sure but its not unrealistic that i have the might like a whole nation.


Because at the Japan quake it goes up und down as i was standing in the shower and that six hours before and much other things.


One man Superpower. :D


How i said maybe, but it can be that i have the same power then superpower countrys.


I dont know what its going on with the planet when im dead.


Im absolutely sure that i have moved the whole planet with my body, it must be a room time phenomena. Anything goes wrong. I can make movies over it is the crazy thing.


Please don't told it to idiots that want to destroy all or understand nothing from physic.


I'm not god.


In the past is the thing i want to rescue all, but it can be that i want to destroy all.


I have the might to bring us in month in the space, that is not the problem, i dont told all things and i have dont send all to all countrys, the problem is it to much. It fills books.


You can see me like a one man secret service.

It gives not much persons that knows how much i have wrote.


In a german newspaper was a comic from merkel and macron, there where merkel complete in plaster, it has to do with the german ufo technology and maybe a secret german ufo army, im sure that my work has to do with the movie iron sky. It cames after all the things i do..

I dont want to fight against the germans , but its a victim.

I have in this case no options.

It has to do with e.t.s.


I want in the past that have all countrys ufo armys, because the world is then stronger.

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When you think the moon or the space ship at the sun was from the Nazis...... :D

In the future maybe i can lough over it or when themselves that believe.

Why its all out of control? 

Look at Merkels Face, she is at the end.

It cant be that this are tha nazis, i have more under control then the german secret service. Read the text of the past and then you see that this was the truth.

I have a tip for the germans let the cocaine out of the brain...


This is a german text from cocaine in the Reichstag, where the politicians are..


Kokainspuren auf dem Klo

  • AKTUALISIERT AM 01.11.2000-12:48

Sind deutsche Abgeordnete verschnupft? Sat.1 fand Kokainspuren in Reichtagstoiletten

I have fight against e.t.s ok.

When the germans so strong why is the situation out of control?

I read every day german newspaper and in the past they told more and more shit. At the first, you read let the arabic refugees in, then they must go, and so things, every day another crazy post.

The thing is in the past i want to rescue all the ass OK.

Believe anybody that the germans are so strong and let so big shit make with them?

Why yet all have the UFO technology. i think they have take ti much cocaine and are not at all by mind.

I have start an information war, not against any human. But i don't see the little one, any human must fight for his own life. I must fight for my life too.

I see the great things.

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And i have many things not forgotten what the humans done with me, that was not all humans, but maybe its gives presents. ;)

At this time i have other problems.

At last time it gives a present for the cia. ;):D When the germans have an ufo army, then it goes down, it was a victim and not an attack, but i can attack too.

And i have much presents. 

I don't need to believe at mind control and i do things not for nothing.

The Japanese was a victim too, but look about the waves that come to the isle. Who said that i dont can made this not with intention???

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When anybody its not enough, we have a problem with this...


The reactor is still smoking....


And a result of that was this... But its not the biggest problem!


Pentagon document lays out battle plan against zombies


When you want to see real ones, look at that, this is in tschernobyl...



 I have won the game of information war, the problem is for anybody, i gave the cards and the bank wins everytime.


If i die today or in 50 years its not my problem.

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6 hours ago, Phantom5 said:

You can see me like a one man secret service.

It gives not much persons that knows how much i have wrote.

I fail to see how this, and the other parts of your post, relates to the topic. 

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2 minutes ago, Ghideon said:

I fail to see how this, and the other parts of your post, relates to the topic. 

Read the whole topic. I don't wrote all and the problem is that was really to much that i do it.

Nobody can take the victory, its like ceaser in global games or kasparow in chess.

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