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  1. Phantom5

    A summary of fukushima....

    Sorry but fukushima is out of control and anybody must do anything. L-Ascorbic acid induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells via hydrogen peroxide- And a big problem too is you can made bilogical weapons with radiation and it gives mysterious illneses on earth. I have found a spider with a yellow net. Or ehec was pink. Here the yellow net. Danger, read this and look only when you are strong. Here are mutants...
  2. Phantom5

    A summary of fukushima....

    Fukushima: Even higher radiation of 650 Sievert in reactor 2 Here a video of radiation at a highschool in tokyo. Here a card from the radioactive xenon at the disaster.... Here a video from a train in tokyo... In order to limit the radiation exposure of the German population, the Radiation Protection Ordinance sets a limit of 1 mSv per year for the effective dose of persons in the exposure situations [5]. 8 million people still live in more or less contaminated areas today. At a distance of 80 km from the death zone, only a few elderly people who no longer had the strength to move away from their contaminated homeland live there. The Geiger counter, which measures the radiation dose, counts 1.6 micro Sievert - the area will be uninhabitable for at least another 300 years, nobody can ever come back here. In other areas where the radiation is high, one can only live under restrictions today: no vegetables from the own garden, no mushrooms, no fish, no fresh milk, children were "locked up" in the schools - playing outdoors was forbidden , No wonder, all research shows that these children are really not healthy. Here another video of tokyo. Here a video of the radiation in tschernobyl... Here a text from the radiation of an atomic test area. NPP plans in Kazakhstan Cows at the Atomsee Today the Geiger counter measures 0.443 microsieverts per hour Eleven microsieverts per hour are ticking. Cows grazing through the steppe.!5053648/ A similar situation took place in Nevada. Here, too, and still, but only underground, atomic bomb tests were carried out. In South Georgia, a small town near the test site, nearly every third inhabitant died of leukemia. The survivors pay the government a sum of $ 40,000 as compensation. Here it is for example in a book about south Georgia from the atomic bomb test area and the dead ones. lout+graves&source=bl&ots=jXbFtN1nn1&sig=h6p9WLK87AMpblb-OVDJ-Nu-HX0&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2 ahUKEwiyluz4j-rcAhULNOwKHS8OBzI4ChDoATAEegQIARAB#v=onepage&q=south%20georgia%20fallou t%20graves&f=false 1971 DMPS DMSA Antidote to Nuclear Weapons Prof.Dr.Nikolaus Weger, the chief medical officer and intelligence officer of the BND, handed me a strict confidential translation of the Chinese military toxicologist, who had developed DMSA as an antidote to the radioactive metals uranium and plutonium and many others, thereby quickly rebuilding the body left over the kidneys. But dmsa is bad when you want a better antidot take gluthation. I have read much about it. here another video of the west coast of the usa... And the problem is the reactor is still smoking. The nuclear seriousness is established Vitamin C Levels Linked To Amount Of Lead In Blood Date: June 25, 1999 Source: University Of California, San Francisco Summary: Despite the 1978 ban on lead-based paint for residential use, lead poisoning continues to be a serious public health threat, particularly for children because they are most susceptible to its effects. Also alpha lipoic acid has a function. But you dont take to much from it.
  3. Phantom5

    Plan for a nuclear disaster

    And when you take a net and hangs it in the reactor block, then you can fill the net with perlite and has a big heatsink. I have tested it with a cooking pot and it works. The water dont cooks. You have the evaporation cold. And the radioactive particles filter the perlite and how i wrote, its a big heat sink.
  4. Phantom5

    How you can form atoms?

    Do you understand the text with the rotation? I mean the linked thread.
  5. Phantom5

    How you can form atoms?

    When you read the article with the rotation and a black hole or the inner of atoms are a strong vacuum. What is when you take a tube and send there much power in it? The tube has the an rotating magneticfield with a zero point and i want make it without hard materials to, when i lie correct, push out a rotating thing out of the tube. A tube isnt good enough for round things and i have think about it to made this with a plasma ball, that you use as a conductor. I hope you understand yet what i mean.
  6. Phantom5

    How you can form atoms?

    You can send electricity trough a plasma, you can use it as a conductor.
  7. Phantom5

    How you can form atoms?

    I hope anyone in the world understand me. Sorry for this idea, when i should go you must say it to me. Here is my idea... Here is a machine that can form plasma... Here are things from it in german, you can say its my daybook...
  8. When you have two black holes where is the gravity exactly so strong as the other black hole. And then comes a photon that goes exactly to the zero point of gravity between the black holes. The photon is exactly in the middle of the two gravitys of the black holes, then it can go only to the zero point where the gravity abolishes between it. What happens with the photon? Does it stop?
  9. In the model with the ball and the net, is the function correct, but the universe isnt a net and not two dimensional. And under the net must be gravity and the physicians want to explain the gravity with a net and a ball. Should be under the net another net? And under the net from the net still another net too? Then i can told the world is a disk and stands on infinetly turtles. The only posibility is that the gravity is three dimensional like a magnetic field, nothing other. Or should the room see like calabi yau?–Yau_manifold That is wrong too.
  10. Phantom5

    A Star Trek like engine....

    That must be function. You must take so strong coils as you can on a body that is permability for magnetic fields and then push the plasma in one direction. Formation of a magnetic field by stretching a plasma volume.ärken&source=bl&ots=6T0VrWl7Uq&sig=BPFZk0n8lDnI0d-_ysoLiGIBja4&hl=de&sa=X&ei=6Ys_VOSiNIn6PL-JgYgB&ved=0CFEQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=plasma magnetfeld verstärken&f=false the incompressible plasma increases the field strength .... Since the volume must then remain the same, the total magnetic energy increases. Again, mechanical energy that needs to be applied to the compression of the magnetic field has been converted into magnetic energy.ärken&source=bl&ots=6T0VrWl7Uq&sig=BPFZk0n8lDnI0d-_ysoLiGIBja4&hl=de&sa=X&ei=6Ys_VOSiNIn6PL-JgYgB&ved=0CFEQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=plasma magnetfeld verstärken&f=false Evidence for light-by-light scattering in heavy-ion collisions with the ATLAS detector at the LHC Magnetic... Magnetic???? Photons are magnetic fields and the engine is a magnetic pump.
  11. I must correct me, more photons as them lost.
  12. And when you take other wavelength the reflectivity is then better. What is then? Or at an other way you put more photons in the ball that them lost.
  13. Yes but what is when you put more and more in a ball? After plasma comes waves.
  14. The same as when you compress maybe air or other gases or plasma.