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  1. One thing i said, i here voices in my head and yet i here the fucking reticulans want to destroy the hole planet only for one person. The reticulans are not so great as they seem. Hold me yet for what ever, i think thats maybe the last post from me
  2. My physic model was closed and dont ends in infininity things but when that was your job calculate infinity, what is the force behind the graviton and then what is the force behind the next particle and next and next and next, the mount everest dont goes to the end of space and further. And i have the correct answer for the gravity and much other things. Maybe i say only x files, agent mulder and agent scully, i feel it that i have to do with these life forms, i want be a manipulated species but this is my home and my planet. And it gives bigger forces then you lovely reticulans. And when you erase me yet, i make it bigger and farer.
  3. I have a question it is for me a quiz that swanston and you dont understand much things, what is your job? On which university you was and what have you and swanston study there? You say much things that you hold for wrong but these things are correct i read these things all. In books, in wikipedia, in scientific newspapers and and and....
  4. I have realy a question do you joking me? Its absoluetly easy to understand and every good article that i have wrote was closed. It comes mote tomrs for me like a conspuracy about good and correct science. It gives so much bullshit articles and my was everytine closed and much from the team says everytime that all was wrong. I have worked 13 years for the anwser and you destroy it me with a wrong anwser, that looks like a conspiracy about correct physics and science. Im sorry but what language are you speaking i can translate it with my own words but it was easier for me with the google translator and i understand it too in the translated english. Sorry but english is the main language of the world.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances Here are one of the missing links and i have translated it from german to english because that was the easiest way for me and i understand it so too. When you have questions ask me, maybe the problem is that i dont have set enough comma.
  6. Hello So the perfect shape is round, look at the space. If you take a hollow sphere now, let's just take an example, you take light and only theoretically the hollow sphere is 100% mirrored from the inside and you send in more and more light. Photons have a mass and the question is what happens to the light when it reaches a certain point? Could one talk about the whiteness of the 5th state of matter? Would light become plasma, and if it were further compressed, that is, more light was directed into the hollow sphere, would it become gas? Then one can ask the question what happens with infrared? If you provide the hollow sphere with an infrared reflecting layer from the inside? What would happen? Does plasma arise? Let us now come in part for the fusion reactor. If the hollow sphere reflects on all sides then the pressure in the middle should be highest. Suppose you put a ball of sodium there or you just use hydrogen as gas. The sodium ball would most likely melt and sooner or later become plasma, which should not expand too strong spatially, this would have to withstand the corresponding pressures of the ball and best in addition, depends on whether you are working with a reflective layer, another layer Insert reflective infrared material to better control the heat. The whole thing could be explosive as it is sometimes the case with reactors. It is safe to assume that the pressure in the middle of the ball is highest because of all the walls of the hollow sphere, the radiation is conducted to the center. As physicists know, elements absorb or reflect frequencies in a different way, so it's important to remember which reflective layers and material to use for fusion. From which type of radiation one then generates energy in itself freely selectable, that depends on which layers are incorporated for reflection in the hollow sphere. Ok extra low frequency will be hard. In the meantime, there are antennas from the field of nanotechnology that convert light directly into electricity; the whole would certainly also be possible with other frequencies. In addition, as I suspect one would have to choose a frequency that, in the case of hydrogen, does not absorb but reflects. In my physical knowledge, the spectral lines of hydrogen are long outdated as an example because it is certainly a conglomerate of hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen has a radius of 25pm as atom and a wilting length of 21cm to an atom of 50pm diameter seems more aks questionable. Explainable is also quite simple and although you would have several church bells that are in contact with each other and you come across one would certainly have a different frequency than if you had only one bell. The spectral lines have certainly all been measured by an accumulation of atoms. Well, now must first be good ........ What do you all mean? Sounds stupid but ITER is a suicide mission against it. It could not be easier and perfect is where you can not leave anything out.
  7. And what will it be? The answer is nothing. Here to the explanation ... A saying of mine was that if gravity is an "element" that consists of all the elements, then it must be something that is made of everything. For the most part, atoms are nothing. For the most part, the universe is nothing. So empty vacuum. This may not suit some because of the dark matter but here is another explanation ... Everything that is in motion can only be put into that state by turning. Joints, motors, wheels, turbines, planets, suns, galaxies, pumps, as well as the lungs and heart have a few degrees of rotation in the walls. Well gravitation is also a force that moves things, such as Without them we would not have a day or a night. Calculated back, so must the crucial clue how gravity works by turning happen. There is again only one answer. Nothing. What do we have when everything moves outward in the middle? Nothing. However, that would stop at a certain point, because nothing in the middle keeps everything from moving further out. Physically, this is called a vacuum. In a centrifuge there would also be a vacuum in the middle. Well CERN did not look for anything, only nothing. If you want to know more, check out the example of a diagram by Edmond Halley on Wikipedia, but that goes into the field of conspiracy theory. You can also align atoms by vacuum which you can test with 300-400 €. Video from the experiment is the same and no it is not the moving sheet, which I have tested ..... And what if not everything turns? We would not be there, everything would disappear in all directions. Here is the video ... What I still consider speculative, what I wrote in a previous article with the perfect reactor, is that every atom has its own frequency. What would be possible to produce gold magnets, waiting for the explanation. So predominantly by the, let's call force field and not magnetic field, the earth iron aligned, I would bet on it has to do with the Schumann Resonanz. Speculatively, one would have to be able to magnetize gold by a normal vacuum which only sucks particles so that it also attracts gold. I suspect that I have not thought 100% that you have to generate a different frequency field in the vicinity of the tube and the glued on there gold sheet so that the gold atoms can be aligned. That would have to go with any other material as long as you know the frequency. With lead, it would be conceivable to generate a magnetic field which shields gamma radiation. If you can atomise the atoms for alignment and thus also for the generation of a lead magnetic field. There are many other things possible. Oh PS a black hole is then a vacuum which not only absorbs particle but also radiation. For this I already have a solution, as everyone knows, power always goes the shortest way and around a current-carrying conductor rotates a magnetic field. What if you take a tube and connect it from all sides, at both ends with cables that are all exactly the same length and all need exactly the same way for the current? Then a magnetic field would have to rotate around the tube and, in the interior, create a suction for radiation, assuming corresponding energies. By the way, you would have a time machine. Welcome to Star Trek. Particles vacuum nice and good but does anyone speak of a blasting vacuum?
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covalent_bond When you think about that atoms send out waves. You can see it here... Then you think about waves that erase by itself and leave a vacuum or at the othe way a pressure. The h2o molecule, maybe, sorry the picture is in gernan, but on the other side of the two atoms is maybe a vacuum that stabilize the molecule.
  9. I mean in a sphere of iron or something else. When the natrium or another element that you bring to fusion melts then you need a very small sphere, you must look at the pressure and you must check the heat that the sphere not melts. But you want heat, heat is the thing we want and we are short before that we can make heat also infrared radiation into electricity. Here is an example... https://www.powerelectronics.com/alternative-energy/optical-rectenna-combined-rectifier-and-antenna-converts-light-dc-current
  10. Think about it, when you know about wave breakers at the coast. Maybe the wave that we call electrons are so sensible that gives only a point and explodes like a soap bulb, when this was correct then its nothing other as a wave. You can test it very easily, you must take a chamber or a same thing with a slit and then you dont put the detector in the direction of the slit where you can look. You must set the detector next to the slit behind the wall, then you can check if an electron is a wave or a particle. And important is that the walls of the chamber dont reflects the electrons then the experiment gone wrong. The detector was the wave breaker and the wave was gone.
  11. We have no one fusion reactor that is efficency and iter is not ready. And no one knows it works and peoduces energy. I know much over the biggest project iter. And about the hollow earth it is anorher thing and has not much to do with this forum.
  12. Ok, when you take a sphere and put in the middle maybe natrium. Then you make in the inner sphere reflectiv for a radiation that reflects at a special element for nearbe 100%. The natrium must be compressed more and more it gives no other way and the radiation you put in the sphere, it reflects more and more and press maybe natrium. Look in the german wikipedia at the picture from edmond halley and the hollow earth. That is the absolutely perfect fusion reactor it doesnt go more naturally. What you think about it? Greetings phantom5
  13. Sorry but fukushima is out of control and anybody must do anything. L-Ascorbic acid induces apoptosis in acute myeloid leukemia cells via hydrogen peroxide- https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/15313465/ And a big problem too is you can made bilogical weapons with radiation and it gives mysterious illneses on earth. I have found a spider with a yellow net. Or ehec was pink. Here the yellow net. Danger, read this and look only when you are strong. https://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/16/politics/pentagon-zombie-apocalypse/index.html Here are mutants...
  14. Fukushima: Even higher radiation of 650 Sievert in reactor 2 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.heise.de/amp/tp/features/Fukushima-Noch-hoehere-Strahlung-von-650-Sievert-in-Reaktor-2-3621986.html Here a video of radiation at a highschool in tokyo. Here a card from the radioactive xenon at the disaster.... Here a video from a train in tokyo... In order to limit the radiation exposure of the German population, the Radiation Protection Ordinance sets a limit of 1 mSv per year for the effective dose of persons in the exposure situations [5]. https://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sievert_(Einheit) 8 million people still live in more or less contaminated areas today. At a distance of 80 km from the death zone, only a few elderly people who no longer had the strength to move away from their contaminated homeland live there. The Geiger counter, which measures the radiation dose, counts 1.6 micro Sievert - the area will be uninhabitable for at least another 300 years, nobody can ever come back here. In other areas where the radiation is high, one can only live under restrictions today: no vegetables from the own garden, no mushrooms, no fish, no fresh milk, children were "locked up" in the schools - playing outdoors was forbidden , No wonder, all research shows that these children are really not healthy. http://www.fundus.org/pdf.asp?ID=900 Here another video of tokyo. Here a video of the radiation in tschernobyl... Here a text from the radiation of an atomic test area. NPP plans in Kazakhstan Cows at the Atomsee Today the Geiger counter measures 0.443 microsieverts per hour Eleven microsieverts per hour are ticking. Cows grazing through the steppe. http://www.taz.de/!5053648/ A similar situation took place in Nevada. Here, too, and still, but only underground, atomic bomb tests were carried out. In South Georgia, a small town near the test site, nearly every third inhabitant died of leukemia. The survivors pay the government a sum of $ 40,000 as compensation. https://hvg-blomberg.de/2005/09/26/atombombentests-und-ihre-gravierenden-folgen-fur-die-menschen/ Here it is for example in a book about south Georgia from the atomic bomb test area and the dead ones.https://books.google.de/books?id=tGV8xSxFcT0C&pg=PA255&lpg=PA255&dq=south+georgia+fal lout+graves&source=bl&ots=jXbFtN1nn1&sig=h6p9WLK87AMpblb-OVDJ-Nu-HX0&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2 ahUKEwiyluz4j-rcAhULNOwKHS8OBzI4ChDoATAEegQIARAB#v=onepage&q=south%20georgia%20fallou t%20graves&f=false 1971 DMPS DMSA Antidote to Nuclear Weapons Prof.Dr.Nikolaus Weger, the chief medical officer and intelligence officer of the BND, handed me a strict confidential translation of the Chinese military toxicologist, who had developed DMSA as an antidote to the radioactive metals uranium and plutonium and many others, thereby quickly rebuilding the body left over the kidneys. http://toxcenter.org/artikel/DMPS-DMSA-Antidote-gegen-Atomwaffen.php But dmsa is bad when you want a better antidot take gluthation. I have read much about it. here another video of the west coast of the usa... And the problem is the reactor is still smoking. The nuclear seriousness is established Vitamin C Levels Linked To Amount Of Lead In Blood Date: June 25, 1999 Source: University Of California, San Francisco Summary: Despite the 1978 ban on lead-based paint for residential use, lead poisoning continues to be a serious public health threat, particularly for children because they are most susceptible to its effects. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/1999/06/990625074258.htm Also alpha lipoic acid has a function. But you dont take to much from it.
  15. And when you take a net and hangs it in the reactor block, then you can fill the net with perlite and has a big heatsink. I have tested it with a cooking pot and it works. The water dont cooks. You have the evaporation cold. And the radioactive particles filter the perlite and how i wrote, its a big heat sink.
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