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Induced emf in airplane wings


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So according to this video, flying perpendicular to a magnetic field, including a constant magnetic field at constant velocity, induces emf. Assuming it's right...


1. Would the resulting electric field (in volts per metre) be concentrated in the wingtips, concentrated at the center, or constant from the left tip to the right tip?


2. Would the airplane essentially be functioning as a capacitor as a result? If an airplane were flying through a stronger magnetic field (let's say several teslas) would this in turn cause it to form lightning with surrounding clouds? If it were between two clouds, would it attract electrons in one, repel them in another, and therefore function as part of a complete circuit?


3. In the event an airplane were flying through stronger and stronger magnetic fields, what would become more harmful more quickly? The induced emf or the magnetic field itself? Would the charges being separated have any reason to flow through the bodies of the people on board, whether during or after said charge separation? Would electrons being concentrated on one side of the craft eventually disintegrate the side with fewer electrons in it?

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1. Uniform over the span

2a. Yes, but the capacitance is tiny.
2b. Several T and 100m/s and 20m make only several 2kV, a little bit short for discharges in air. Around sharp edges and at altitude yes, some corona effect.
2c. No clouds needed. Yes, a complete circuit IF the current can pass from one wing tip to the other through something like air that doesn't move with the plane. Electricity generators work like that, often with refinements in the shape and materials.

3a. No danger within a conducting aeroplane.
3b. The passengers experience the same field and induction as the aeroplanes because the speed is the same. No potential difference, no risk.
3c. Disintegrate: I don't understand.

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