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My name's Simon, and I'd like to get hold of a kilo of pure SIMON! Glancing at the periodic table, I assume silicon molybdenum nitride (SiMoN?) would be simplest. Is this possible? If so, what are it's properties? If not, why not, and is there any other way to make pure SIMON?

(Also, I can live with a few numbers in there, as I'm not up on my valencies!)

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Hmm, OK, well over 200 views later and no answer :(  Having anguished over the lack of interest, I have concluded that there are 3 possible explanations:

  1. The answer is a trivially easy 'yes'. "Why's this guy wasting our time asking about SinMonNn? It's a perfectly common compound! In fact, it's a major constituent of egg cartons! I'm certainly not going to waste my time answering such a simplistic question!"
  2. The answer is a trivially easy 'no'. "Why's this guy wasting our time asking about SinMonNn? It's perfectly obvious to anyone with an ounce of chemical knowledge that you can never have a compound containing silicon AND molybdenum! Is he really not aware of [insert fundamental law of chemistry here]?? I'm not wasting my time on this buffoon!"
  3. The question is far more trouble than it's worth. "SinMonNn? Hell, I don't know - I'd have to spend a lot of time playing around in the lab before I could figure out if this is possible, and why would I want to do that? My time is valuable!"

I'm perfectly OK with any of the above, but for the sake of giving me closure and preventing me from pestering every scientific forum I can find online, could anyone let me know whether we're in scenario 1, 2 or 3?

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Maybe you could start with Silicon Nitride and dope it with Molybdenum or something.   Although this would probably not be called SiMoN - more likely Molybdenum doped Silicon Nitride or something like that.   Sorry - SiMoN isn't really a thing...  although as I said - you could probably dope a silicon nitride wafer with Molybdenum as they do dope it with other metals in semiconductor manufacture.  





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Thanks for this... You know, maybe I'm making this question more complicated than it needs to be! And maybe I was a little greedy wanting a kilo from the start., when all I'm really curious about is one molecule.

Basically, forget quantity, forget manufacturing process, forget naming, the only question here is this: is there any reason why it would be impossible to have a molecule consisting of those 3 elements alone? Silicon nitride molecules are commonplace: is there any chemical reason why a molecule also incorporating molybdenum atom(s) would be impossible?

As for naming it, I'm sure there are conventions and so on, but I'd certainly feel free to call it whatever I liked!

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They dope Silicon Nitride semiconductors with other metals like Aluminium...  so I would think you could probably dope it with Mo too. It is a transition metal rather than a group III metal so I don't know if that would cause any problems with the doping... idk.   It wouldn't make 'a molecule of SiMoN' though...  it would be Molybdenum doped Silicon Nitride.  Also - how you would do this I do not know. Sorry - not sure I've got much else for you.   Have fun. :) 


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