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Serial abusers of the reputation system

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In previous threads, staff have mentioned that we have on occasion curtailed or removed the ability for people to use the reputation system. In previous versions of the forum software we were able to limit positive or negative reputation limits separately. This meant that the impact of people who wished to use the reputation system to target specific members was always low, and staff could easily reverse it. This no longer being the case means that the system is more open to being abused by people wishing to use it as a form of personal attack.

Thankfully, we have had very few cases where staff have had to intervene. For those cases where we have had to do something, admin have created two new member groups with reputation point limits set to either 0 or 2, which limits the use of both positive and negative rep points. 

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For the sake of transparency, we have decided to announce who has been added to the groups mentioned in the OP. Currently, they are as follows:

0-point (aka Curmudgeon)

xyzt (now banned)

et pet


Conjurer (added Feb 8 2020)


2-point (aka Malcontent) 


John Harmonic (now banned)


I will continue to update this post as necessary. 

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