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My christmas present to humanity

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        My name is peter, I'm 31 and I've recently worked out that I've been a victim of narcissistic abuse all my life. There is narcissistic traits in me that I now realise I've been fighting most my adult life. My empathy and intuitive levels like so many other victims are borderline 'super-powers' and using these in conjunction with a deep thinking process governed by logic and reason and evidence proven to me on many occasions I have come to the conclusion that narcissism itself is in fact what we know as evil or more scientifically put negativity. I can now see the path of it through people and time.
    I wondered where the word narcissism comes from and I found Greek mythology where Zeus- brother and husband of shera was cheating with nymphs or deities (irrelevant) and Echo covered for him, Shera caught her out and punished her by taking her full voice and then came along narcissus-[the entry point of all evil into man kind]. Anyway I looked and other people had seen this but it occurred to me because what I now believe to be the part of my soul that deals with forgiveness I clung onto through all the pains and today I can honestly say that I forgive every human being ever, even the Greek 'gods' that I believe were just a much larger race of people from before humans time and they let evil spread through their entire race, were consumed by it and then disguarded when evil had no use for them anymore. If you think about it there was incest, narcissistic bullying and also they've found evidence of giant races and they appear through different history as the nephlym and I'm sure a lot more. The thing that occurred to me was that they weren't in fact gods at all and are just a race that failed the test required to live in harmony on this planet which leads me back to forgiving everyone. It sounds mental but after seeing how evil flows through people and turns them into monsters it isn't really them but a unique path that evil has taken through everyone's lives and we don't really have choice, energies flow where they flow. And so from earning the power of truth by laying my shit absolutely bare to a few people I learned that even the worst monsters in history were just scared children beneath a cloak of evil defense mechanisms which they actually had very little control over.
       Recently I've been re-connecting with nature and I've always had the belief that the world around us is our actual god. We need to see that nature is where we came from and this evil is breaking our connection. The scared child screams out through the sub-conscious by having house-plants, pets and aquariums but they are all really perversions of the natural course. I don't believe we can't change anything either but do it in a way harmonious to nature, there must be a reason natures been testing countless races on the planet and I came to the conclusion that evil IS the test.
     I was already onto the thinking that ying yang is an illusion created by evil to make goodness think it can't beat it and live in perfect harmony. Also things like ghosts and god (or parent) and all things mystical have been blown up by evil to make it incredible and so kill belief itself.
   The evidence I talk of is all around us in history and knowledge, if you de-myst everything a bit you can read between the lines and apply a perspective of reality and it all becomes quite obvious. Look at the huge humanoid skeletons they found (unexplainable?) but the history of Greek gods, nephlym, atlanteans, mayens and probably more, I've even heard of a Cyclops skeletons and I bet they failed the test on lack of perspective. Look at the ancient unexplained civilizations that with a bit of lateral thinking are really not that unexplainable. Maybe one or more races made it to space at some point, its becoming pretty obvious that they've been around for sometime. If they wanted to invade and were actually aliens they would have done so, I think it far more likely that they are from earth but grew away from nature and so maybe can't survive here. Maybe it's their role to protect the earth from outer space. I think we could have a good relationship with them.
     Also if there's no smoke without fire then the chaos theory would make me think of Jesus and his virgin mother...virgin? Really? Or another narcissistic situation where the mothers cheated and lieing about it and due to the pressures and horrors Jesus grew up with he turned in to an intelligent man with borderline super-power empathy and intuition and just the right path to bring him to a certain knowledge, and when he said son of god I believe it was misconstrued and really he was telling us to be close to nature Also I read that there were meant to of been more of these Jesus like personalities through time the atlanteans knew this. Now consider that I might just be the 'jesus' that has just enough information at his fingertips at just the right time and sees what seems really quite obvious trap/test that we are caught in and a gentle way out. I wouldn't of come to any of this if it weren't for every single piece of contact to the world good and bad.
       I have found great beauty in us humans in surprising places like forgiveness that I think the other races lacked and versatility protected by endurance. I truly believe that we have a good chance of beating evil for good using something that everyone seems to think won't work- using a part of evil against itself. Not to be misconstrued but I've seen now that evil is its own weakness and if narcissism is evil then I finally understand why my heart won't let go of my narcissistic side. Its because I'm using its drive to power through my thought processes and think big but without letting it rule me (which is possible because the narcissist is a coward and will do what its told when weaker just like the true face of every bully it is.) Keeping to logic reason and evidence I have slowly come up with an actual feesable plan that might actually work and rid us of all evil. If we could only see that the thing we call the consciousness is actually just our first defense mechanism (2nd consciousness) in life against a thing that shouldn't be in us and the only way to rid ourselves is by us all being absolutely and completely honest with ourselves and the people around us and suddenly realising that guilt and blame are a fiction of evils making to hold us back from the truth (I believe the Buddhists call this enlightenment and you'll probably find it in all religions, at the core they're all the same) because really evil is hunger, fear and anger/ fear and anger is hungers reaction to if it is stronger or weaker to a situation. We only have love and truth originally. Truth is what it fears, love is what it hides. I'm getting closer to the little boy inside me everyday and I can hear him more clearly every time I make a breakthrough. 
    We need to as-one find the truth within ourselves  and share it and I truly believe by talking through the shells of everyone to their inner child the beauty of the human race, in every last one will shine through and win where all others have failed. Look at the compassion and help given in the most unlikely situations. I once got through to my mum in a moral argument and actually using heart and gut/love and truth, I took her through narcissistic rage to breakdown and could of got her to get therapy but instead felt sorry for her and told her it was alright and she wasn't that bad -_- however its led me on this path and if I can gather a group of people with similar understanding (who can bring diversity) and bring an end to evil and a beginning to harmony on earth then I'll be hugely honoured. I am not under any dilusions of grandeur because I truly believe we are all equal and part of a whole being and that it is sheer luck and evils own narcissistic ego that has brought me here. I have noticed that evil is never without irony and I think that will end up being its undoing. I believe its the creative 'jazz' side that'll save us and that in me tells me to hold onto the narcissist part until I have either achieved my goal or died through exhaustion. At least now I'm writing it down so it lives on. There is a certain unseen force you will come up against with evil but if you try and prove its existence it disappears(like a coward) and so unblocking your path. Also remember that you can ask nature for assistance just ask with truth in your heart. I might of nearly died couple days ago where I've become so weak but I asked and I literally felt energy coming in like a prickly sensation and a short while later I felt a lot stronger again. 
It is important to remember that we are one and we are nothing alone and also that we love each other, think of the second world war when at Christmas they were throwing chocolate across no-mans land. To show that love between enemies at as darker time as that when there's people being lined up and shot for betrayal and everyone's killing everyone stands as a testament to the human spirit and its ability to throw truth and love past all the barriers that this disease has to throw at us. 
   As I sit here there is a huge pile of unopened presents downstairs which despite me telling my family of narcissists not to they present dropped/guilt bombed on me which hurts but I can see the love they have for me in that they did it anyway and i'm willing to bet they are all well thought out gifts, tailored to my character and spirit. The love shines through even if its partly blocked.
   Evil wants to get us alone in the dark and consume us, I don't believe there's any such thing as insanity but rather a long and twisted path leading to a unintelligible place to normality which one could still be carefully helped back from using first shamanic healing and then a combination of therapy as well. If we could see the beauty and strength in our own forgiveness and see that other people have that same forgiveness if they can see how you got there then we can be cured of it.
   I've just finished my 8th week of therapy and its really helped, my therapist is a highly honourable, kind and gentle whilst intelligent man and he's sort of let me find my way and shown me that I've actually been my own therapist for years and then I found- 'how to deal with my toxic parents' on YouTube (white background, green bits, Aussie bird, Kerry something) and it opened my eyes, also 'Dr judy wtf' but I do think these guys see it a bit black and white because the narcissist doesn't only have love for itself but real love aside from that evil latched onto them and they always admit to some small amount of hope but I think there's more than you'd immediately believe. I'll try and add a picture later, I'm not great with technology lol but in it you will see that our gut is truth and logic and our heart is love, emotion and reason and it travels then to the mind. Evils covering hides our heart and gut by adding in fear (covert narcissist) in the gut to hide the truth from us and anger (overt narcissist) in the heart to hide our true feelings from each other. The evil covers parts of us in obvious (to a therapist) relevant ways and screws up the energies path so when it gets to the mind the signals distorted and leads us astray. When it gets too much it cuts off those parts of the soul temporarily which is a final defense mechanism to protect the soul, you can get the pieces back don't worry and its healthy while the soul can't bear it. 
   Now if we can be scared into lieing and covering the truth within and evil can hide our hearts by filling us with anger then we control gut/truth/logic and evil controls emotion and also hides our 1st consciousness from us which I think means that evil can't detect the truth, also because it has no IQ and so because fear and anger are illusions created by evil we can find courage to expose the truth and then get the soul parts retrieved by a shaman and when every last person is cured we will be free of evil which makes sense because it is nothing but hunger divided into fear and anger. 

△Without a host it is nothing. 
△Evil is its own worst enemy/greatest weakness.
△It is never without irony.
△it loves to mystify to weaken belief.
△it is the bully and the coward.
△the more covered in it the more invisible you are to others.
△it can't comprehend the truth it has no IQ.
△it loves to over-complicate things.
△guilt/blame, ying yang all illusions to keep us from the truth.
△it loves time passing.

Because evil is negativity and so comprised logically of hunger, anger and fear and because I've always felt the connection with nature, my intuition tells me that we will be able to communicate with animals and it will be our responsibility after our own cleansing to cleanse them and I don't think hunger will exist so 100% efficiency and because I believe we will have 100% brain function we will be able to cleanse nature itself through a type of ethical genetic engineering harmonious with nature. I think I heard somewhere that the aliens/space race had genetically modified themselves and so stopped their capability of evolving and so if we genetically removed evil from nature itself, we'd stop evil from coming back and I think time would stop affecting us. And so eternal life in paradise. 
   Also it kinda gives us the answer to the meaning of our creation- protectors and shepherds of the earth.

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