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Alien Conspiracy?


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I just wanted to share a book with you on Quantum Theory and Alien Conspiracy.

Here are the notes on Internet Archive: (Free Version is posted there)

Mental Potentials Create Many Realities or Many Worlds is a book written by Kevin Luckerson, which contains compiled research in quatum theory and relativity physics -- and suggests that the universe may actually exist as a light hologram. (The book, Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot, proposed this same idea, suggesting that the universe is never completely established ... until the observer interacts with it or engages with it.) The research strongly suggests that the universe exists in this way so that it can be changed or modified with respect to the observer, to solve energy requirements <related to high entropy and disorder>.

The research in Mental Potentials ... also, takes a step to mathematically resolve some of the unconfirmed ideas in psychic, paranormal,and occult phenomena in order to confirm a unified field theory for the universe. The results of the research in quantum theory, and relativity physics, confirm the work of Albert Einstein, Erwin Schrödinger, and David Bohm; ... confirming a Many Worlds Theory; and, also confirming the Alien Conspiracy and the Philadelphia Experiment. 

Upon reading the book completely, we see that The Alien Conspiracy can be traced all the way back to ancient civilization; and, has now found its way into modern day history. The modern day conspiracy began with rise of machines in the Industral Age in the 1800's, {the conspiracy} surfaced in The 1950's and 1960's with Area51 and the Roswell New Mexico crash, ... and has gained serious momentum in today's time, as a New World Order and World Domination agenda carried out by an alien race of beings; ( existing as <*Insects*> imaging light with quantum computers.) 

The result of all of this work in quantum theory and quantum physics is a book which patiently takes you through the science and the math behind light holograms , field theory, and wave phenemona ; in order to help readers finally understand the history behind the alien conspiracy; and the alien agenda -- which dates 'all the way back' to ancient history. ( Even dating back to the early history of our planet and the history of the solar system.)






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Alien Conspiracy has not been "officially" confirmed.
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