Our actions on future offspring

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Hi all,


Sorry if this has been asked before or if it sounds like a stupid question but I have been trying to understand something which relates to genetics and I was hoping you could assist.


This is difficult for me to explain but I'll try my best.


For some time now I have been pondering whether our day to day actions change who are born in the future.  I'm not talking about if we smoke will our children be more likely to smoke etc., but if our day to day actions change the person who is born.  


Let me try to put this into an example:


If a company decided to undertake a project aimed at helping future generations to understand our planet more (for example something like the Eden project in Cornwall) and many people worked on this to ensure it was built, would the action of these people doing something they would not have done otherwise (I.e. building something to help the future) change which sperm "wins the race" through the man having sex at a different time (due to different stress day to day) or through the sperm being in a different position.


I suppose putting it another way you could ask would a couple who would have had intercourse yesterday have the same child if they decided to have intercourse today?  Basically does time or what we do make a difference?  And if so how can we possibly help future generations?



I know that this may sound ridiculous but I can't help thinking that if people are doing things each day that they would not have done otherwise (such as trying to help future generations) then would their future offspring be different.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.  It has really been bothering me for some time.


Kind regards



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The timing of coitus will absolutely influence which sperm "wins the race". However this will be the case if the timing was influenced by attending the award of the Nobel Peace Prize or exploding a bomb in a crowded marketplace. That is, the events influencing the timing have no effect on the "quality" of the outcome. This is down to the usual effects of chance. (The exception would be, for example, if you insist on exposing your testes to excessive radiation.)

If you want to help future generations then educate yourself, follow the Golden Rule and respect the environment.

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