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Electrolyze Sodium Silicate to produce Elemental Silicon

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First I want to know, what the minimum voltage is needed to make electrolysis of destilled water. I´m using the magnetron from microwave oven, that produces ~800 Wats.

I tried to use 3,2 volts (think it has 250 amp) in any solution (destilled water, NaCl salt, sodium hydroxide and basic sodium silicate solution), but any reaction had occured.

But I can melt iron screws with it.


So I need to know, what  minimum voltage is needed to make the electrolysis of Sodium Silicate Na2SiO3 solution (for making Silicon powder). And also to use all amp produced, ~100% or 90%.

The second problem is, that the silicon deposited in the cathode can block the current (silicon has low electric conductivity), so it need more voltage or more amperage?

What the ideal combination volt/amp is best to maximize velocity of production of Silicon?


Thanks for all answers.


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