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how many can you take to make you excessively numb to pain, but without ODing and losing consciosness? not on regular but say on some special ocasion when you need to be immune to pain? I guess illegal stuff would do the job better, but i'm to lazy to risk my butt trying to get drugs.

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what is it for exactly?

as there are many ways to accomplish this, non I might add are particularly safe even when you remove the fact that self medication is Never a good idea to start with.


does it have to be a whole body thing or just parts?

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It varies a little from person to person.

Also different people react to different drugs in different ways.

Have you had alchohol?

Have you had caffiene?


Short answer don't play with stuff, even panadol.

Besides all the good Pain killers are schedule 8, so how do you propose

to obtain them?

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you`ll not acheive your goal with OTC medicine, without making yourself Seriously (probably fataly) ill.


if you`re not too bothered about your sensibilities during this "numbness" then a bottle or 2 of Vodka should do the trick quite nicely, however it also is not without its consequences.


ordinary analgesia won`t acheive the effect your after (from OTC drugs).


Opiates (or substitutes such as Fentanyl ) or PCP, etc... will work and you can still maintain a level of conciousness, but they`re Mega Dangerous and ilegal.

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