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Piano hand enhancements

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Why, physiologically, does dipping and drowning your hands in hot/warm water before a piano recital/performance allow better flexibility, agility, and endurance for your fingers?


I've played a piano concert with and without doing this and noticed an increased performance when i dipped my hands in hot/warm water. Certain passages i played energetically with less fatigue while without warm water my fingers weaken and start to tired. My guess is that it has to do with increase blood flow making muscles more responsive and active through your muscular tissues.

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I presume blood flow would increase to your hands. Who works well with cold hands afterall? As a pianist, when performing in concerts I always find that I play better with warm hands; with cold hands you stiffen up.

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Hey, I do that as well, especially in winter. :)


After all, I also put hand-lotion on to keep it nice and reduce the friction between my hands and the keys, since my hands are relatively small, ie, my biggest handspan is a perfect octave.



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