Is There Life After Death?YES.Or?

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Afterlife is one obvious SCENARIO,most very probabilistic SCENARIO,

We will reborn in a new "animal" in this planet, but without MEMORY.

Science is completely under Torquemada: have you fear of discuss LOGICA?

Take me, it's hard to solve problems of this life... can we think to prepare our next life, too many variability: you will reborn dog or condor? Can you prepare now? Invest your money for your next lifes lifes lifes....

But is obvious! Where we will go,sorry? Here in that shit of Planet! Scinetists..... you are scientists?? You are fakers!!



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Moderator Note

This is a science discussion forum. Please provide some evidence for your non-mainstream claims next time you post a thread like this. There's no science to discuss here.


Also, we have a section for non-mainstream speculations which we call Speculations. It's not a place for wild guesses, but again, if you have some actual evidence to discuss, you can make a case for it there.


You might want to tone down the rant as well. You aren't going to get good science if you're just here to flame on folks.


This thread is no good. Please do better on your next try. And thanks for understanding and playing by our rules.

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