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Medical School Applicant


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The MUST AVIOD scenario is over practice or trying to play into the interviewers hands.


Be honest, nobody is perfect, and obviously stay to the point and prove why you want to do medicine but don't overpractice you answers. They want you to be spontaneous and able to answer questions that you might not have predicted.


Just remember 1:3 get into medicine, it is very competitive, what makes you better than the other 2 people who are after your place? What makes you a rounded induvidual and not just a bookworm?

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Its becoming harder to get into research in the UK.

Universities are closing their chem and bio depts. as they are not making profits and are costly. They like to get foreign students who pay full fees in English and Arts.

Not many people want to do research either. I would prefer hands on with people, sort of problem solving real time situations.

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