Just an idea about prevention of death by AIDS .

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I was just thinking about how to avoid death in AIDS.... I thought of an idea....we know that ADA can be treated by using recombinant DNA techniques..... so what if we go to the sourse of the production of leucocytes... the bone marrow.... can't we make artificial bone marrow with recombinant DNA..... using the same technique can't we transfer the function of T-lymphocyte and neutrophil(which is 60-65% of wbc's ) and then do a bone marrow transfer as done in leukaemia....of the artificially made bone marrow... so even though our T helper cells die... our antibodies keep on producing lowering the risk of other diseases..and thus avoiding death's just an idea. I don't know that if there is enough technology to do it. Or if we can try to just change the glycoprotein I.e CD of our T-lymphocyte so that HIV can't cause any infection ?

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