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Abrahamic religions

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Hi everyone,


It's quite interesting how Christianity, Judaism and Islam are related. Each of the three religions consider Abraham as their first Prophet. The story goes that Abraham had two sons - Isaac, whose mother Sarah was Abraham's wife, and Ishmael, whose mother Hagar was Sarah's maid. Jews are the descendants of Isaac and his son Jacob. On the other hand, Muslims are believed to be the descendants of Ishmael, who was later expelled into the wild by his father. Jews differ from the Christians in their belief about Jesus. Christians look to Jesus as the Son of God, but Jews don't. That's the difference. But Muslims consider Muhammed as their original prophet and the true Father and voice of Allah. These threw religions also share a common belief that Adam and Eve were the first human beings.


If anyone knows something more about this, please post. Their origin, their differences and their common points may be elaborated.

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