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Numerology VS Mathematics


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I think noticing patterns that seem to have a purpose is fine, take note figure out what makes them interesting and move on. Dont try to find a problem that fits the solution because your not wired to see connections that way. Your wired to recognize solutions that can solve a problem.


Think of it like a collection of stuff in a hardware store, you dont take the iventory and try to invent something out of it because you just end up with modern art. You just take note of what kind of stuff is available so that when you need to fix or build something, then you know what pieces are available that can do what you need.

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I would also point out that the principles of mathematics work with any number system (base 2, base 10, Hexadecimal, etc). All the numerology I've seen seems to be limited to base 10.


Often, numerology seems to be limited to English as well. Magic connections involving words in the English bible, discovered by experts who don't even realise that the bible was not written in English.

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