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  1. Well thanks all, I'm feeling a bit better already, been invited away for a few days and have decided to go and do it, would normally have declined, so wont be able to answer any posts for a few days. Really appreciate the help!
  2. Just a bit more thought on that one about maintaining relationships. I think that was making me worse, hearing what everyone is up to, where they are going, what's happening at Christmas etc. and then I go home alone and think about what they are all doing and what I am missing, they are all having a good time whilst I'm very sad about it all. So I think it's natural and logical to feel the way I do but was called a Psycho (by one of the daughters) because of the way I handle things. Naturally I don't think I am but would take it onboard if someone was to point out that my way of dealing with
  3. Thanks, no money was actually lost, it was just my way of jus Thanks for that advice, no money was actually lost, just figuratively speaking Thank you, I have one good drinking buddy who has decided to look after me and I have bored him to death with it, poor guy, so yes I have been able to discuss it with someone otherwise I think it would have been a lot worse. Everything seemed to come at the same time, break up, no work, no money and problems trying to start a new relationship. Well today I just sold my house (which I really wanted to do, memories etc.) and it has really made me f
  4. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I don't think it's the problem as I'm very practical, logical and realistic. The way I see it is that no amount of talking about it will affect the end result. It should never have happened but it has and that's really the end of it. I have to accept it (done) move forward and not dwell on the past (doing), don't bore everyone with my problems, find new hobbies and lots of interests. But for some reason the sadness is getting worse rather than better after 18 months and that's the bit I don't understand. I have no family of my own but that's no problem a
  5. Thank you very much, you made me laugh Thank you, I will keep reading and absorb it. Probably not able to go in to the fine detail but end of marriage was the start of the problem. It was very sudden and final after 14 years of happiness. I have accepted that I can doing nothing about it and therefore try not to dwell on it or discuss it. I try very hard to be positive and go forward. Thanks, I have been doing some courses and yes time passes very quickly and I'm usually OK when doing that. It's the usual holidays and weekends alone but working to try and improve that. Thanks
  6. Recently taken an interest in Psychology but not sure where to go from here. What makes you have a good day or a bad day? I have put on a brave face since the end of my marriage but now feel that I need some help as it's not getting any better after 18 months. I have had a good life and done so many things that other people will never do in a life time and I have never suffered any depression. It's like everything has come to an end,all in one go. I'm 64, fit as a 25 year old, no problems there but can see the light dimming at the end of the tunnel. Still maintained my ridiculo
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