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  1. That was hardly a negative judgement! It was a positive judgement from a chiraliacaly biased point of view..I LOVE JOHN...HE IS BRILLIANT!
  2. It is interesting that in quantum mechanical experiments that light behaves much differently when observed then when it is not observed. It seems to me that the determination of a photon being released from a star 300 light years in the past with a defined destination being an atom on a rock on the earth; that this is an observation made by the recipient atom on the rock. The photon will therefor behave as a particle. If their seems to be uncertainty as to interception, the photon is a wave and there is a pronounced ambiguity associated with it's nature.
  3. Fine John, Then please account for the huge negative charge that the earth has accumulated; please enlighten us with your insight. Also explain the fact that the rotation of the galaxies is adequately described in an electric charge model while it is not-described adequately with the gravitational model(prediction and observations do not match);and that the only way that the gravitational model can every possibly work is to fabricate a quality called Dark Matter to account for the discrepancies...dark Matter is un-falsifiable and therefore unscientific. You seem so full of prejudic
  4. It doesn't make obvious sense to me that some of the other negativity scale values, aside from Pauling's give helium the highest value and not fluorine; except that the nobel gases are reactive elements when in a solution of water. I do not see where that gets you with Helium in a non-earth environment where there is no liquid water. But it definitely should have some net positive functional charge attributed to helium here.
  5. Electronegativity values are calculated values, and according to the Pauling Scale the value of Fluorine is the highest followed by Oxygen. According to other scales the nobel gases also exhibit electro-negative values and as I recall Helium is the highest in ONE of them. You put no effort in, then I give you little effort in return...do your own research! Questionable website is just a reflection of this...J.D.G.A.F! I think it obvious that gravity and electricity follow the same inverse square law unless you are speaking about electric scaler waves. And so gravity is well known to be
  6. Strange, Cancer is a self-perpetuating metabolic dysfunction. The products of anaerobic metabolism are acidic and effectively and stubbornly block the resoration of aerobic metabolism. There is a simple cure, resulting from Warburgh's work that involves a simple curative diet. Apparently a cure is not what the scientific and medical community is all about; curing cancer is not in their interest!
  7. The scope of a forum post is not like that of a paper suggested in a pier reviewed journal. It is not difficult to simply google the evidence you ask for. The evidence is ubiquitous. And more than this the galaxy itself is an accumulation of positive charge elements created by the bias of stellar fusion products. The charge gradient across the galaxy is the result of mass concentration at the centre. This effectively creates a charge gradient across the galaxy where the centre concentrates negative potential and the periphery is positively charged. Your body is 66% oxygen which gives
  8. Endy, I find it interesting that light seems to be the mediating particle of time, the electro-magnetic force, and that light has also throughout human history has been equated with truth. The absence of light is falsehood, and the presence of light is revelation. Interesting that maybe instinctively we have always embraced a relationship with the quality of an idea similarly to the presence or absence of light? This might convey significance to the very nature and essence of thought itself?
  9. And they still haven't figured it out when the solution is 50 years formulated! Spend billions more in research and the solution will still evade them! That is the tragedy of miss-alignment, insulting from a certain perspective to another...or not!
  10. If you want top be obtuse then go right ahead, because you can go down that path to no end...it is a bottomless pit and you can always justify it easily!
  11. The clear bias of stellar fusion results in the creation of highly electro-negative elements. This is results in an electrical asymmetry where a net effective positive charge is the result of this process. This results in stellar and galactic charge gradients which account for the fact that 99% of the visible universe is in a PLASMA STATE!!! This means that the electric force is the dominant force in the cosmos and that gravity is much less important. The relative density of stars though out accounts for the gradient.
  12. A photon cannot be emitted randomly. This means that the source cannot emit the photon until the destination has been determined. When you look out at night upon a star 300 light years away, this means that the source determined to release the photon to your eyeball 300 years before you were even born! This is Irrational Time, and in Irrational Time everything that ever was, is, or ever will be exists simultaneously. This is how a photon from a star 300 light years away can determine to find your eyeball in an instant 300 years before you were even born. The unifying co-ordinate
  13. How can you suggest in good faith that irrational time is not the ultimate absolute co-ordinate in the universe? I think you need to re-examine your education if you are so threatened by the truth!
  14. As an example, the basic definition and solution to the issue of cancer was defined by Otto Warburg 50 years ago. The solution is in his definition if a truly ingenuous mind was examining it. The current culture of science and medicine is indifferent and unaware of the solution because the solution is not their true motivation. If the intention of scientific and medical investigation is not correct , then it is nothing but a fraud. Social and economic factors are really the overriding ones determining the so called results. It is sad but this is TRUE!
  15. Anti-particles are the enantiomorphic forms of baryonic matter.
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