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  1. Hi Science Forums I m a college student in Austria who studies economics. I m now writing my Bachelor Thesis and centered it around decisionmaking and pc games(specifically LoL). I cannot go into much detail yet as i don t want to influence people who are going to take this survey. The Survey you can download has 3 pages of questions and contains 2 decision games. As it is common in economic experiments to set correct incentives answering them also allows you to get 1 of 2 10€ paysafe cards(once the survey is closed this will be randomly selected between the best performers). Dont see this as a giveaway but as a price making it worth a while to fill out the survey to your best knowledge and instinct. Unfortunatly i m a noob when it comes to online programming and techinques thus i have to use a somewhat complicated system for the survey: 1.Download this word document(compatible with Open Office etc.): https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzEhoo2HJvO7WGQ5a2E3TFBMQUE/edit?usp=sharing Go through the questions and answer them as best you can Save the file and name it, i suggest: survey_insertnamehere@mailprovider.com Send it to the following e- mail adress: econsurvey2013@gmail.com This procedure is necessary to avoid multiple submissions and other sample distracting interactions, as i was not able to create it in a save manner somewhere online. It would be awesome if you could take the about 5 - 10 minutes this should take and send it back to me. If there is interest i can post the final version of my thesis once it is finished. Thx for your help and have a nice day PS.: Be rest assured that your information will be kept absolutly private, i will not save any of the emails once the data is extracted and the price winners are selected. The email is specifically created for this purpose and is only used to collect the data.
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