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  1. One of the main reasons I decided to do this was because I wanted a bigger diversity of classes and I just felt that high school wouldn't have done anything for me except waste my time (academically). The hardest part about all of this is the fact that I have to leave my friends behind. Yes I can try to keep up relationships, but let's be realistic. Many people have dismissed what I plan to do and it hasn't been easy. The funny part was that I actually went to high school for two days. One of the multiple reasons I decided to consider something other than high school was that my school refused to place me in any of the classes that I needed and wanted simply because I was a freshman. For example, they wouldn't let me take Spanish and placed me in French not for any reason besides the fact that my needs were not as great as the older grades. So, I decided that I just wouldn't take a language, but they said that I had to take a language class. I talked with them about it and they completely shut me down and I started to get a reputation among the staff of being "disorderly" and "self-absorbed". Now, you might think that if things were that bad I could just switch high schools, but there aren't any other high schools around where I live for at least 50 miles. Also, when I think about it, if my minimal experience in high school had been the most perfect experience there ever was, I still think that I would have chosen to take part in this program. I am thrilled that I was chosen to partake in this opportunity and I can't wait. As for the work load, I will try my best and hope that it is enough.
  2. Throughout our history, religion has existed to provide purpose and a sense of accountability for our actions through the creation of a higher power above humanity. The idea that after we left this world, we entered a new one where we would be judged based upon what we did while we were alive, created order and culture in early civilizations, but as we have come to evolve, religion has come to be a huge rodeblock in terms of advancement and new problems that arose from religious beliefs. It is a sense of comfort for people who need to believe in a higher power when the unthinkable and unexplanable happens. It makes sense and assigns meaning, when nothing else does.
  3. Thank you, this has helped me more than you know. I never anticipated that I would get this quality of responses.
  4. The reason I have created this topic is because I was recently recruited for this program that allows you to attend college early, more specifically, three years early. I am very interested in a wide-range of scientifc topics to pursue for a career from cosmology to philosophy, however, the more I think about it, the more I realize I might be way out of my league. Eventhough I am passionate about different sciences, I am not entirely sure that I am intelligent enough in this field to seek a career in it. I don't want to wake up one day and realize that I didn't try to achieve my dream career because i was intimidated, but I also don't want to invest time in something that I am utterly in over my head about. If you are going to reply by lecturing me about how socially stunted I will be if I basically skip high school, go ahead, but I would really appreciate some advice pertaining to a career in science. ~Thanks
  5. The idea of "living" is so vast a topic that I find it difficult to comprehend the question in the first place. To start, very many factors influence the quality and quantity of days we "live" (I put the word live in quotation marks simply because the definition is relative). Most of which we have absolutely no control over. The first thing I thought of subsequent to reading the question was the quote: "It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all." But is it really? Pain and life are a package deal, but such is not the case with nonexistence. But what is nonexistence exactly? With no conscious thought? Existing without the ability for higher thinking? Complete obliteration? Or does death alone serve the purpose of nonexistence? You could come at this question with happy faces and rainbows, with logic and probability, or with a string of ramblings ultimately leading nowhere (philosophy) (says the existentialist). I am content to approach this question with the utter frustration that no question can have a true answer without knowledge of all variables. We can assume all we want, but until some poor bull rider comes back to life after arresting on the table and tells us of the wonder of heaven, all we can do is surmise.
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