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  1. Sure. You can Google for the recent evidences on the laboratory created monopole for example also the room temperature superconductivity. There is much more but really wouldn't like to get into it. I am happy to discuss certain subject separately but in their relayed topics
  2. Well. There are new experimental references the model based on . I see here the green boxes are the mostly in fashion.
  3. Not to argue but that's only what is observable. There is a little more to it. The problem is there is 3 emergent function observable as 2.as you can see one it doesn't allow you to correct mapping. I Ll not discuss this any further until our model will be published. Cheers
  4. Where do you think the radiation coming from?
  5. The reason I didn't make a comment because I didn't want to involve my work here as I would of then get warned for that .I couldn't be able to avoid this problem while I wanted to give you valuable detail to members . Although I understand the admins purpose of keeping topics tight in the same time you guys giving hard time to members for expressing opinions freely
  6. Anti hydrogen fusion. http://scitechdaily.com/cern-antimatter-experiment-produces-first-beam-antihydrogen/ http://ttf2009.ucsd.edu/research/surkogroup/positron/papers/sr6.pdf
  7. time is the consequence of the breaking symmetry.it involves analog competition on macro level and quantise time to linear. natural computation. everything else is a deadend. to explain better t is the summing of the fractions of Z. X and Y axis doesnt exist without the Z fractions.X and Y is phase shifting relative to everything else trough the process of its own rotation growth if you want arguing you will have to eliminate wave function of anything at the first place also spin.
  8. You were asking about the great contractor regards to your theory here is this for you about the Plancks observation results of the dark flow. http://arxiv.org/abs/1303.5090
  9. I see thanks for that ,yes i made a research on that.
  10. Although alpha, beta, and gamma radiations were most commonly found, other types of decay were eventually discovered. Shortly after the discovery of the positron in cosmic ray products, it was realized that the same process that operates in classical beta decay can also produce positrons (positron emission) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radioactive_decay Antimatter plasmas and antihydrogen http://ttf2009.ucsd.edu/research/surkogroup/positron/papers/sr6.pdf happy for you Swansont. altough the thread starter post can be mistunderstood it has some point and sense to put under consid
  11. i suggest nothing ever gets trough the firewall.its evaporating straight away.nothing ever gets inside the black hole. the firewall is two layer,one is temporary and dependent the other one is permanent..
  12. here is some lift for you Swansont. Mononeutron: Isolated neutrons undergo beta decay with a mean lifetime of approximately 15 minutes (half-life of approximately 10 minutes), becoming protons (the nucleus of hydrogen), electrons and antineutrinos. would you like me to to explain the opposite cycle as well?
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