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  1. Are there limit for intercourse frequency (too few, or too much, of which kind), so that it hence becomes unhealthy ? ( except of speaking of not fun with blood for example)
  2. -Vacuum Dimensional datas of both eyes is 21 dimensional, 21=7+7+7...so we have 3 eyes... -But vacuum... - by hitting our head, mouth open, we can convince it's empty
  3. As an electromagnetic waves ? The duality is not solved, but then need an infinite base.. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedThank you swansont, I have memory problems with my mobile with what I'm writing this. I thought inbetween about : given a wave, would a Fourier transform give a continuous spectrum, whilst expanding in a pure wave basis would be discrete but infinite one. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged3 independent color were a complete generating set, does this mean that the electromagnetic wave picture is completely out, and hence the wave can only be the probability's amplitude of presence ? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged ...then the grey text ?? if u do that, u dont turn back but you lose all your properties and maybe even the next step you should make ?? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedCan we say that the eyes' data are 13 dimensional (2(eyes)*2(xy)*3(color)+1(time)) ?
  4. I don't know if this is a proof : (Contraposition) : [math]e^x,e^{2x}[/math] are linearly dependent if there are constant a,b nonzero, such that [math]ae^x+be^{2x}=0,\forall x[/math]. x=0, implies [math]a+b=0[/math] x=1 implies [math]a+be=0[/math] a contradiction since a,b are constant. So those two functions are lin. independent...
  5. Is it possible to express [math]\sin(4x)[/math] in terms of [math]\sin(x),\sin(2x),\sin(3x)[/math] only ??
  6. Because we could write : [math]\vec{color}=a*\vec{red}+b*\vec{green}+c*\vec{blue}[/math] since those 3 colors are independent. Probably the proof it is a complete basis for color is experimental with a prism, like said above. May be asked : how to get the temperature or frequency out of this vector ?
  7. Hi Sisyphus, If some people are 4-chromat, do they see in 4 dimension ? (Has this something to do with the 4-color colorization theorem of maps w/o enclaves ?) Weird numbers : three people with ternary logic (like colors), have a decisional power of 77.7% ?
  8. How do we know that 3 base colors are needed to compose any color and not 4 for example ? Is there a physical proof from medical analysis of eye's cell ? --- btw : if it were a palette we would need 2 to localize the color : distance right and up from a corner for example.
  9. Ok I thought it was because it were a sound politically incorrect word. Anyhow, this question lead me to the following case : if an elongated object of length L, moving with a parallel speed v along, is observed perpendicularly to this direction, the gamma factor would be [math] \gamma(v)=\left(1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}\right)^{-1/2}[/math]. If observed perpendicularly, could this intuitively give [math]\gamma(v_x)[/math] ? How to get this from the 2D Lorentz transformation, knowing that [math]\vec{e}'_x=(-\beta_x\gamma(v), 1+(\gamma(v)-1)\frac{\beta_x^2}{\beta^2},(\gamma-1)\frac{\beta_x\beta_y}{\beta^2})[/math] ?
  10. I was incorrect using this word. I beg for pardon. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged(It's not the medical forum, but still, everything is politically surveyed ?)
  11. 'Projected' ? Or maybe : 'expressed in component' ?
  12. yes it's not understandable, maybe like : "the velocity (of an object) can be decomposed [...]" ?
  13. A good question, I thought about : what if the speed of an object decomposes in a plane (vx,vy), measured by emitting a light ray in those perpendicular direction. should we "observe" this object at those speed ?
  14. In fact My state of widower is not easy up to now
  15. ??? Do you know my size ? I can have access only to prostitutes (due to some psy that cut of my receptor for the swedish voice)....(pros : their business is our pleasure ??...a lie...because then it remains small...and they try to eliminate suicidal people like me, giving present to them...) how about you ??? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedSuppose pros were set up by castrated men, dont understand how they can care bout pleasure. $? Yes so it remains small! Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedAnd even if we put condom to see if both ejaculate woman and man we in fact know nothing about the pleasure of the other sex..it is just a game... And post coitum animal goes sad do not come to often ,maybe becoz of churches censorship or what about feelings. Money makes worries avoid a good one. In fact we can maybe find revalorization in a job?
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