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  1. Sorry for the misunderstanding I realise that I have acted boldly in suggesting such a thing and will do more research before posting a thread.
  2. That would be sweet but you're assuming that it is just one bully. Usually it's a whole group of savages that outnumber the victim 10 to 1. Sometimes even a gang. Luckily our school is small.
  3. Auk


    Neat, l'd definitely be interested in downloading it. Thx for the link.
  4. I don't think that Forty-five thousand and nine hundred and fifteen is the proper way to say it. To many and's. As for the other one I think that's right.
  5. Auk

    Infant Euthenasia

    I really don't know what to think. I find that if the baby will be suffering all it's life it is a sensible act but you have to make a clear distinction as to what the rules will be if the law is accepted. They should very strict and only allow this in extreme conditions.
  6. I read this possibility in an article from a french magazine called Science et Vie. I did some research and found that the topic was still somewhat controvertial.
  7. Auk

    Bad knees

    My knees have been hurting me for a long time. Now they seem to be getting worse. I don't understand why but it's seriously starting to worry me since walking is starting to hurt. What should I do? Should I go see a doctor? I go on the inversion table every day I wonder if that helps the knees. Anybody else have bad knees?
  8. I.. decided not to vote. I'm perfectly happy with the sub-categories that are available. Although the mods may feel pressure because many want more sub-cat's im fine with what we have and im sure other's would agree with me.
  9. An actual event. Are they crazy! Thx for the link Ophiolite I never knew this had already been accomplished.
  10. Achievable yes but we are talking many years of developement I though you meant that this was something that could be achieved in the near future.
  11. Ya it's pretty much a given that there is water on Mars but this new evidence is the best we have yet.
  12. I believe there are programs that get rid of archive files that are kept for no reason. Look for them on Download.com. I've got ME for a platform.
  13. I read this a while ago so my info might be a bit unclear. So far I haven't been able to find any links. Here goes. There are three different atoms. Atom A has contact with Atom B although atom A has no contact with Atom C. So atom B is the linking point. Through Atom B, Atom C becomes an exact replica of Atom A with no contact. Although this cannot be really called teleportation this is to me the closest we have come to doing it. The Flying Dutchman and The Teleported Ship are nothing but rumors.
  14. Herme I had the same problem once. I believe that it is just some archive files that returned as 5614 said. Just out of interest what kind of platform do you have?
  15. Clarify the experiment that NASA did?
  16. I base the fact that so far it looks hopeless because in Scientific American they explained that it is so far impossible to create so many nanotubes on a production line or otherwise. I believe that although in the future (20-30 years)it may be possible but for now. No.
  17. Of course this isn't true. Teleportation is practically impossible except on the molecular level. NASA claimes to have done it.
  18. Gilded are you serious. It seriously sounds like your dying. Are you OK now?
  19. Auk

    Flu Advice

    I always take Yin Chiao. For those who don't like herbs ignore. But I've taken it every day and I haven't had the flu for a few years now. This is incredible here in canada because we had a flu record breaker last year. Even when I do get the flu it only lasts a day or two no more.
  20. I never really tried that against the bullies at our school. I just overcame my fear for them and hit them back until they left me alone. Isn't that all that that works when the teachers are idiots that don't care unless their sued and the bulleis don't listen. Am I a sort of temporary bully in using that tactic?
  21. Ya I got a friend who worked the hoot owl shift in a mine for 10 years. Now he's slowly resetting the time clock but so far it's really slow, he's been at it for 2 years now.
  22. Auk

    Paper raft

    I tried filling in the pennies before putting it in the water. I used an origami type boat. Pennies: 54.
  23. Ya that's true. Also the bullie would never be satisfied by his continuous bullying because of the fact that he is always seeking dominance and trying to hide his inferiority.
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