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  1. Auk

    Bad knees

    Interesting thanks for the information.
  2. Hey that's great, I never thought of it that way.
  3. Lol, I got to read the article once and then the error came up.
  4. Although that is very hard to tell I believe it is quite early since we can see that a stressed out mother can affect the baby at an early age. By the way shouldn't this topic be in the Biomedical Ethics section?
  5. Great I didn't know this. It bring many joy to heart.
  6. Auk


    I know but why add another 0.5 billion was the question?
  7. Just a reminder there is already a telsa coil thread so instead of making a new one you could post your problem on the other one.
  8. I had the same problem except mine was Spanish. That was on the Explorer Browser. I"ve checked the settings but to no avail. So now I acsess google across Firefox or Avant Browsers.
  9. Why not make a page that demonstrates the top ten posters, the People's Choice poster of the month, including runner up. And maybe every year have an award that is chosen by the moderators and votes from the members to the three, five or ten best posters of the year. I would really enjoy that. And maybe a Best New Poster Award to some new guy that has an interesting opinion.
  10. Hey this is great thanks. I never seem to find these good science downloads.
  11. Bloodhound was it raw meat you where referring to or red meat as in beef just so its clear.
  12. Amazing, the soap one was great. Thanks for the link.
  13. A friend suggests you start in safe mode and make sure your antivirus is active when your booting. Run adware after you start.
  14. That fart job, I don't know how that guy can take it. That's just sick.
  15. Merry Christmas from Canada to all!!!!
  16. LOL. I really enjoy using Google Scholar thanks. I've had the enjoyment of passing the word unto others. Does anyone know when the real version is going to come out?
  17. Auk

    Bad knees

    Coquina, thanks for the advice. We have a lot of tick s over here. The park across the street is supposed to be filled with them but no the doc says it's due to overstressing the knees in sports and stuff. He says that they can heal but he doubt's they will until I'm at least 20 and I stop running around.
  18. Auk

    Bad knees

    Right, thay's two people advising a doctor i'll go right away. Oops I"ve got to post this reply first.
  19. Auk


    How did you estimate that?
  20. Interesting links, Thx all
  21. Although there are many articles on the effects of red meat and all the damage it can do it was very tough finding anything that combined milk AND red meat as being unhealthy. The closest I got was this link: http://www.newstarget.com/000017.html
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