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  1. Heres what happened,im mr.robot.a movie series was made about me.i try to hsck stuff and consult with all the alphabet agencies.the us gov was trying to set off yellowstone and i advised them to.lighten the plate load so cascadia could slip underneath more.thats why cali.droughted for a year via atmospheric ionizers.plus why the epa outlawed ponds out west.the day the canyon formed in bighorn.mountain range.tptb freaked.rain started 3days later in oregon and the drought was lifted.10days after rsin,cascadia slipped. It was weighing the plate down not lightening it that worked. As far as convection,the only heat generatex comes from plates grinding,all volcanoes work this way.because 60miles down is a sea of gravel and water.constantly moving,per usa russia drilling expedition. So what will make the plates slip more will be the unhinging that hapoens when the north pole melts from ionizers so that it can be mined.this will raise the north pole and relieve tension on plates.as they arc south.it will also raise the sea floor in that area,maybe enough for usa to get to mine to as most of our land up there is currently under water. You dont have to.believe me but its the truth and you can research it all out.its actually kinda simple. The great pyramid was the first atmospheric ionizer and it set off santorini volcano around 3600bc.which brought on the little ice age which became the great flood. So sayeth the great hacker robomont Sss>[]\\
  2. <link removed by moderator> mhd stands for magnetohydrodynamics. which is a science per oxford definition of science. my thread has to do with science. your action borders on slandering me.which is illegal by british law. im requesting my thread be reopened. to not do so will result in reports to your isp and the international science boards. this post is being screen saved as evidence,if needed at a future date. sincerely ,the great and powerful robomont.
  3. the mods.look at all the complaint threads.teachers dont insult.those that do,dont deserve to be mods on an educationally based site. i left the first time because of abuse by feloow mods and members.i come back and the abuse continues. the members comment without any real research to back their comments up or they go into fear mongering mode as what almost destroyed my speculation thread. ive been on the internet a long time and easily recognize paid shills/trolls. these trolls are 99% of the time,government funded. this site shows all the signs of such. its a shame,as it hinders enlightenment and understanding for all. the proper way to correct somebody is not by insult but knowledge. is scienceforums.net,up to the challenge?
  4. this is in reply to my thread being locked. i have shown science in my thread that was originally forced into speculation to begin with. as a speculative thread,it should not be challenged with such arbitrary prohibition. the comments on mercury being toxic is correct and im greatful for you rminding people of such. but along with my thread link.i have shown scientific method and have many scientific references. if those are necessary then i shall post them at great burden to me. but to kill a thread without a real justifaction other than calling out shills because they are that,its a scientific fact they are shills. how about just delete there indulting comments from the thread,asu they show no scientific evidence to back up their insults. if you lock any thread that involves a toxic substance.then you would not be left with much to read. i have personally researched all the mercury toxins and also have access to a doctorate in chemical engineering.not that i need it. notice,if your readers cant be trusted with this knowledge,then i recommend they arent allowed around sharp knives either. sincerely,your mentally abused member.
  5. yea ,because fear is all you have left now that i gave you the proof. the world now knows how a caduceus coil works.and that it is a mhd drive and mhd generator combined into one unit with no moving parts. you shills are the ones degenerating this thread not the op. you should celebrate my accomplishment,not ridicule it. have any of yall done anything comparable?
  6. well ill hold your hand through this, the mercury gas turns into plasma at almost a vacuum ,just like a mercury vapor lamp.then any extra heat is to because the bandwith for mercury has almost no infrared. this means it goes into overload like a mercury lamp bulb would if it didnt have a resistor. the uv is absorbed by the iron and released on the outside of the iron. a plumbbob is used for triboelectrification and a venturi is used below the plumbbob. the top two tubes are spaced 7mm from tip of plumbob to short out at 10000vdc.this is what is the ignition source to get the plasma going.prior to that its a hot flowing gas.the unit is heated to a 1000c for extra ionization until unit ignites. the plasma creates waves coming off the negative unit which causes it to occilate. i hope that helps you shills some. http://tapyoureit.boards.net/thread/22/robomonts-ufo-motor-notepad here is my notepad with current design.and construction,updates and modifications. it sure looks like a german saucer amplifikator.lol.
  7. well i built it.i fired it up.it was grounding out.the coils ocillate.the occilation/resonance keeps the system out of equalibrium.photons are released out the top.which charge the air.then the pulses pull the photons down ,causing thrust. the occilation in the magnetic coils is caused by opposing magnetic fields in the two dual wound coils. after getting the bottom of unit to red hot.the top was cool to touch.the spiral wound tubes release almost all the heat. the vacuum i pulled and continually checked with gages,held at 1 inch of mercury.even while heated. so from what i see,levitation is possible using charge and a resonant magnetic field.or basically a mercury vapor magnetohydrodynamic thruster.
  8. in the bottom of a strip mine before it is refilled. one half lb of mercury is not much contamination and isnt a worry in a mercury filled mine.distant from any home unless it works : ) if this thread is confusing them somebody hasnt done their homework.especially havent reviewed the entire thread.i should not have to post the proof of articles and as of this moment i wont be coming back to this forum because i know the truth through my own research which was actually very easy.thanks for nothing and i have posted a review of this forum with the biggest forum in america.with people who respect my opinion instead of obfuscating the truth.basically.this forum has discredited itself .
  9. i thought we were talking magnetic fields.now back to ionization. 10ev x ? amps= more ionization.just googled it. an electrical wire creates a magnetic field and it has positrons ?
  10. oh boy.plasma flowing through a steel pipe .magnetizes the pipe because plasma is electrons.the right hand rule applies.the coil is spiral shaped and the magnetic field is pulling the ionized air down and under .like a solenoid pulls a metal sleeve.
  11. the energy from a mercury vapor is in many frequencies.not just infrared.alot of it is ultraviolet.which tends to ionize.so it is possible to not melt a container. thats what bothers me.you guys know the answer but dont spill it.any first year physics student knows that.yet you guys can crunch big numbers.somethings fishy.
  12. then what keeps a mercury vapor lamp from melting?
  13. you are correct.my bad.do you know how to convert plasma temp into °F.? what temp would mercury turn to plasma.i cant find a straight up answer.i know pressure would count in the equation.but im starting from the point of a vacuum.i realize mercury vapor lamps start with an arc and also they are in glass.but it is plasma and ionizes and is not really that hot.maybe a thousand°F at most for light fixtures or they would melt.
  14. i too have over 10.000hours of research.just not lucky enough to go to college and get more accurate info.i have a library of close to a hundred books.now i collect rare ones on occasion.i now spend half my time on conspiracy sights and half doing research.about 16 hours a day .every day. the caduceus has a spiral coil.the oldest pics of caduceus have a tornado shaped coil with about ten windings total split between the use of two tubes.these tubes are both wound in the same direction.the plasma flowing in these tubes makes the steal tubing magnetic.causing a large magnetic solenoid.this tornado solenoid then pulls the ions outward and down.also giving the ionized air a slight spin creating a vortex underneath the craft and causing lift. im building a prototype in august.ive got angel investers.what im doing now is refining the theory to improve performance.thats why i wanted a nerd to do the math for me.rather than just slapping something together.the construction will go forward regardless.the date has been set.im just offering a spot in the glory.no takers .no problem.the build will go on. if i havent defined the parameters enough then ask me anything.right now it will be three ft. tall .the amount of mercury will be 1/2lb.the internal space will be approximatly 15cubic ft.the coil will be hydraulic half inch steel tubing.a vacuum will be pulled and 1kw from an electric hotplate will be applied..the main collumn will be exaust tubing and the boiler on bottom and ball on top will be freon tanks .pollished and welded to column.the coil windings will tap in the column at te halfway point and the other end at the boiler.i hope this info helps.any of these statements can be modified to be more practical if the math to proves it.time is ticking.and august isnt far away. mercury becomes plasma at 700°F+- not 110,000k?
  15. couldnt the charge be more inside a higher gradient field?or does it always stay the same regardless?doesnt the diameter of the spheres change the equation?
  16. since this thread has math it will be split into the math thread and since its speculative it will be split into speculative and so on until you are so confused and the mods feel smart. the charge will be equal but the diameter of mass can make a differenc.the charge cannot be found because the mass has to be in an electric field and there is no reference to what that electric field is.im not a physicist so i may be wrong.
  17. shouldnt it also be split into math since they are using math to formulate? maybe also split into science since its science?maybe just butcher the thread until its not recognizable?we got to confuse the sciences.dont want people getting too close to the truth.no wonder there is no traffic on this site.
  18. the start of the thread is the theory.the quotes from history are the hints at facts.and finally this is the speculative area that i was corralled to by the mods. my guess.im onto something since the mods are being so aggressive at shooting down speculation without showing whats wrong with the theory. on conspiracy sites we call them disinfo agents and government shills.getting paid minumum wage to cover up facts.
  19. swanson .are you saying this theory will not work? what defines science? you? not trying to be rude but. just looking for some feedback on how to improve the design. if you helped me i would put your name in my list of folks that helped.
  20. sound of crickets chirping ?on a science forum?
  21. im talking more about a ionized cloud from space like the orc? cloud.
  22. iron mangenese concretion.that is what the tamu geologist suggest it is. will see.
  23. these rocks were found in clay two feet down.as i posted above the pic quality is poor.there are no ignious rocks found in our part of the country.iron ore and sandstone are the only types found in this region and they are not found in large quantities in the northern part of east texas. for the sceptics: no there is not a flashing neon sign proclaiming they are moon rocks.thats why im asking.
  24. these are the only photos i have.enjoy : )
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