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  1. Painting

    All is Dali flick
    Trump folds spindles mutilates
    Fine atrocious art

    by EdEarl Ross


  2. Hidden

    We cannot see a mother’s love,
    Though, we can see things she bestows
    On ones she loves and often shows.
    We cannot see the air above,
    Yet hear the leaves dance in the wind,
    And watch the clouds with storms descend.
    Thus, things we see, or hear or feel
    Can show us hidden things are real.

    By EdEarl Ross

  3. The bluejay that spent a couple of weeks in our greenhouse has vacated his apartment without notice; we cannot forward messages.

    1. geordief


      I have heard the grass is greener  ;-)

      I have been watching Ovid performed by actors.He will have his come uppance mark my words.

  4. A bluejay has entered my greenhouse and stays at night, after I lock him in. Next day, he flies around the greenhouse, has flown out, and returned. I've set bird food out, water and a bath. He has sensible accommodations, better than his neighbors. Think I'll call him Bluebacker. One night our Tom cat spent the night with Bluebacker, and that didn't scare Bluebacker, his perch is safe.

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    2. EdEarl


      Just a little desert garden, far from idyllic Eden. I think climate change is making life more difficult for many. I hope being kind to critters really helps. 

    3. geordief


      Maybe -if the robots are kind to us when they inherit the patio;)

    4. EdEarl


      Now I have Bluebacker and four doves.

  5. A programming language can add syntax forms.

    1. Popcorn Sutton

      Popcorn Sutton

      What do you mean?

    2. EdEarl


      I've used a couple of them. They are interpreters that allow one to scan arguments following a function call. One of them allowed scanning character by character or scanning for things like numbers and names.


      Look for TACL reference manual that runs on an HP NonStop operating system. Ref: http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c02133204-7.pdf



      and: #ARGUMENT

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