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  1. I do not agree with the fact they can acctually "communitcate with the deceased." We do not have a full understanding of what can be accomplished as humans. Thought various studies I've looked through as well there is a way to repair braincells, and fix chemical imbalences. Just goes to show that we can never know the endless possibilities. Remeber my study is to find what is lost in what humans use to do. Music in certin fourms of acctually can repair and maintain braincells, Forgot to put that in there.
  2. This closely relates to all of this, I personally don't think that we've lost this. As we still have mediums as they can communicate with deceased. I don't think this is true I think it is a fourm of telepathy. As being very in-tune with mind and body. So this can act like an access to the "safe" of a person mind and those memories speak out like an open book to the medium.
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