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  1. An honest message from the heart. I like that. But don't stop thinking, there is yet plenty to discover.
  2. I am religious but do not like to debate religion. Experience tells me because of personel agenda and total ignorance that arguments just get nowhere.We all just argue ourselves to death and join the carcasses of the poor man as well as the kings. The crowd of dead, 6000 years old. I see religion as something dying an agonizing death, old ladies in empty churches and pedophile preists and many vultures stand ready to clean up the rest. (Do you know what I mean?) Sorry to invade your pasture. Thank you for the email advice. I enjoyed the first question of this forum. I know who he is and if he reads my message and meditates on it he will understand. If you really look at you will see there is more to then just a few sentences. If you can humble your pride just a bit you might see it to. The best place to go for answers though is to the Bible.
  3. Space: The universe composed in its most basic is as nothing. Does not begin, does not end for it is nothing. Matter: Its most basic composition is simple light. This light is condensed in many different ways where we perceive the different elements. Time: No beginning, no end. We are little times living in the big time. We had a beginning and we have an end (for now). How we do as a little time in the big time is up to us (if we wish to continue in the big time). Time is only perceived by a thinker God: Like space and time he does exist. How is it possible he is possible I don’t know. Do we live in the mind of God? (Just a thought: We close our eyes, we see the darkness deep. Yet there is light. We think hard and that light begins to form into shapes. As we sleep it works better.) Is there a true religion? Yes there is. It will be the one that works closely with the scriptures and follows no mortal man.
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