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  1. Christianna--how are you doing today? I hope we all did not overwhelm you. Did you get a chance to get the telephone number of your local public health office? Take care of yourself, Carol
  2. christiannnna (Quark) Yes-this is serious-you could die from this affliction--I don't know if there is cultural differences (I'm in the USA) but here -anorexia nervousa and BDD are quite serious. Here in the states most of those afflicted with anorexia are teenaged, white, middle class females who find that eating little or nothing is a way of trying to control their lives (although anorexia can be found in most demographics). Is there some sort of support group in Wales for anorexics? Call your public health office--they should be able to refer you to someone or some group. Call today this is very important! Will you let me know that when you have contacted help? Thanks --Carol
  3. your first reply seems to have it --contact a psychologist or psychiatrist who specializes in behavior modification --he or she might send you to a neurologist first to make sure there is not an underlying physical (brain) cause the habit needs to be stopped my thoughts are with you
  4. do not have advanced degree---contact a certified behavior analyst--someone with lots of experience in behavior modification--in TN contact Dr. George Zuykowtynski's office--they can refer you
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