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  1. Thoughts on this comment. Where mass exists some of the energy associated with the space has been converted to mass so with a more massive object more space energy has been converted to mass. I believe this can explain gravity. Effectively, space is stretched by the presence of matter, so the plank length is longer in relation to massless space.
  2. Yeah thats what im saying the higher level processing you speak of must be included in a theory of how earth works or else you would never be able to predict movements of earth How can you predict skyscrapers randomly popping up on mars
  3. Why not, your going to need to explain more before I believe that you are right
  4. Light does not experience time
  5. If you take away all the matter in space what is left. There would be no time and no mass, only light.
  6. So I was thinking last night; If some alien species were to discover earth but not realize that it was inhabited by "Life" what would they think. If they were to look at a human the same way we look at a lifeless rock. The current model for how lifeless particles move about could not be used to explain the apparent random movements of organic matter on earth from an aliens point of view. You need an extra set of variables or extra dimensions to explain consciousness. What is your take on this?
  7. You can only teach someone what their mind is capable of understanding. The best most accurate model in the world means nothing if no one can understand it.
  8. Yeah thats what I thought thanks for the input though
  9. its better to understand a flawed partially right model then to understand no model at all
  10. There are 4 distinct groups of stem cells; Adult stem cells, Infant stem cells, Fetal stem cells, and Embryonic stem cell. Society currently accepts the use of all these except Fetal stem cells. ASCs are derived from adults and so do not kill the host yet they are not pluripotent ESCs are usually obtained from the left overs of in vitro and are pluripotent Infant Stem Cells are obtained from the umbilical cord and are pluripotent It is only because Fetal Stem Cells result in the destruction of the fetus that society has raised a flag.
  11. I know that Time is relative to the observer but at t=0 for any observer does that mean that t=0 for all other observers anywhere?
  12. Yeah I guess my analogy was incorrect. Thanks for the explanation
  13. your right lets start off teaching kids Quantum mechanics in kindergarten see how well they pass their first final
  14. yes, But newtonian gravity is completely wrong as well but because it helps people understand a basic concept. planets orbit because they have a high enough energy to escape the pull of the planet; if you increase an orbiting objects velocity it moves farther from what its orbiting. Electrons in ground state have a high enough energy to escape the pull of nucleus, if you increase energy of an electron it moves farther from the nucleus. I would think that this example would be better suited for a high school student who probably hasn't taken calculus and thus doesn't have the understanding of why orbitals are solutions of the wave function. I was just trying to make it as simple as possible and while no model is perfect if it does what you want it to, that is all you need
  15. Try and equate it to something they already understand. The moon is constantly moving around the earth, like the electron moving around the atom. Although they both want to fall inwards towards the earth/nucleus because they are moving so fast that they keep missing. While this isn't completely correct from a QM standpoint it would probably help a high school student grasp the concept.
  16. I saw this video a bit ago and think it can help the layman envision extra dimensions. When we think of extra dimensions for some reason we think of extra spatial dimensions. a dimension is simply something that increases. A zero dimension can be thought of as complete nothingness or zero energy. One dimension is simply increasing line, it cannot be negative only positive, Two dimensions is two separate variables increasing and three dimensions as three variables increasing our X, Y, and Z. While these three variables are separate they are very much linked together. You cannot move in three dimensions without also moving in two dimensions. This may seem like a duh 1+1=2 but when you move up in dimensions it becomes a very important aspect. Can Time increase without any movement in the lower dimensions? If you say yes because an object can remain still while time passes you are completely wrong as we are whizzing around the sun as we speak. In fact the only way to complete cease all movement is to reduce temperature to zero Kelvin. At zero Kelvin an object experiences no time because time is a measurement of the change of a system... No change No time. But an object can exist in lower dimensions while higher dimensions are reduced to zero. A photograph is a representation of a system at t=0, yet while the actual photograph may age and decay; the instant in time that the photograph represents will not change, then it would be a video instead of a picture. So for us on earth happy as clams we only understand 4 dimensions because the higher dimensions are currently not increasing. For those who understand calculus this might help; acceleration can be thought of as the next higher dimension of velocity. When velocity is constant the acceleration is zero. For acceleration to become nonzero the velocity must fluctuate. This is the same principle for time. For an object in three spatial dimensions to remain constant every subatomic particle that makes up the object must be completely motionless; when this happens the next higher dimension time is zero. Now the fifth dimension is normally zero if time is moving at a constant rate or (constant velocity) but when the passage of time fluctuates by moving slower or faster, you experience movement in the fifth dimension (our perception of gravity) (on a side note; time slows down as velocity increases; All objects tend to move toward where time is changing the slowest. On earth time moves the slowest where it's spinning the fastest; That just happens to be where the solid ground meets the air at the equator. This also explains why the earth is fatter at the equator because there is a more powerful drive for matter to collect there. So all matter inside the earth will tend toward the crust and all matter in the sky will tend toward the crust. (Explains why magma gets more and more powerful as it approaches the top of the volcano but moments after it shoots in the sky it is suddenly pulled back toward the earth. If gravity was so great why did it let the lava escape in the first place. Also this describes why objects falling will increase speed until they hit the ground. When time is increasing so rapidly that the change of time (acceleration or 5th dimension) is changing rapidly, the sixth dimension has become non zero which physicists refer to as jerk; When your in a car that stops very fast you are jerked forward. Now, the next higher dimension, the seventh dimension, is a change in jerk. This is called crush or (compactification). When you get into a bad car wreck you can clearly understand why its called crush. Although the term is quite misleading because Black Holes exert crush on anything that gets sucked into it, except the result is the complete opposite as every particle quickly moves farther and farther away from its neighbors. The other three dimensions are below our space dimensions so to speak as they are the three variables that determine a string in string theory. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedthis is basically what i was trying to say 3 string values make a string 4 string values needed to create an elementary particle 1 elementary particle is a point in space 2 elementary particles needed to create a line of space (1 dimension) 3 elementary particles needed to create an area of space (2 dimensions) 4 elementary particles needed to create a volume of space (3 dimensions) 1 complete universe is a point in time 2 complete universes interacting create a line of time (4 dimensions) 3 complete universes interacting needed to create an area of time (5 dimensions) [you are currently at a stoplight (first universe), when the light turns green you can do one thing. If you choose A your now in (second universe) but if you choose B your in (third universe). Any possible thing you can do is the time area.] (More commonly called probability) 4 complete universes interacting needed to create a volume of time (6 dimensions) [You're at the stoplight (first universe) but there also exists a universe where at the exact moment your at the stoplight in first universe you are at the stoplight one street down (Alternate first universe); this is because just prior to being at the stoplight, you were in (-1 universe) were your next decision was to go to either first universe or alternate first universe. but if you then choose A in either the first or alternate first universe you will the be in (third universe) regardless of whether you were originally in first or alternate. This is time volume, all the possible ways of arriving at a particular universe and all the possible ways of departing that particular universe. The seventh dimension would be our universe in its totality from beginning to end.
  17. The idea of traveling back in time is as impossible as negative distance. No matter where you stand any way you move is positive distance, and if you move five feet forward and five feet back you have still moved 10 feet not 0.
  18. Yeah except Kaluza-Klein must have 5 dimensions to work, I believe there can be any number of dimensions as long as they are multiples of 3. In mainstream physics they believe in 4 dimensions and 4 fundamental forces, But for Kaluza-Klein they are saying there are 4 fundamental forces in 5 dimensions which doesn't make much sense. I think there should be another fundamental forces between gravity and the weak force, Entropy
  19. Wolframalpha.com is a really good site if you need help with a math problem
  20. So your basically saying that F'(x) = f(x) is not actually equivalent? So the area of a square is only one dimensional because its formula is A = x^2 ?
  21. Electron are only point like if you observe them when time is not moving, with any passage of time, Electrons are more accurately described as waves or the wave function of Schroedinger's Equation. (2D) right? The EM force is the same way; at any particular moment in time (change in time is zero) EM force is best represented as a photon, but with the passage of time the EM force is better represented as a wave (2D) connecting two points in time, until you measure it at its final destination where it becomes a photon again. The strong Force is 1 Dimensional because it can only act by binding two quarks together in a straight line.
  22. Why does it not hold true for geometry as well? Just wondering. If you graph the velocity of a particle and want to know the instantaneous velocity of a particle you differentiate and take the Energy of the particle in four dimensions and convert it to only three dimensions. How does this not work? Thanks for enlightening me
  23. isn't integration moving x dimensions to x+1 dimensions? and differentiation moving from x dimensions to x-1 dimensions? 4x^3 + C = 12x^2 this is simply restating the system or function y = 4x^3 + C as it appears in a one less dimensions
  24. Correct me if i am wrong but isn't the fundamental Theorum of Calculus simply a formula to convert the energy of a system from x dimensions to either x+1 or x-1?
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