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  1. Thoughts on this comment. Where mass exists some of the energy associated with the space has been converted to mass so with a more massive object more space energy has been converted to mass. I believe this can explain gravity. Effectively, space is stretched by the presence of matter, so the plank length is longer in relation to massless space.
  2. Yeah thats what im saying the higher level processing you speak of must be included in a theory of how earth works or else you would never be able to predict movements of earth How can you predict skyscrapers randomly popping up on mars
  3. Why not, your going to need to explain more before I believe that you are right
  4. Light does not experience time
  5. If you take away all the matter in space what is left. There would be no time and no mass, only light.
  6. So I was thinking last night; If some alien species were to discover earth but not realize that it was inhabited by "Life" what would they think. If they were to look at a human the same way we look at a lifeless rock. The current model for how lifeless particles move about could not be used to explain the apparent random movements of organic matter on earth from an aliens point of view. You need an extra set of variables or extra dimensions to explain consciousness. What is your take on this?
  7. You can only teach someone what their mind is capable of understanding. The best most accurate model in the world means nothing if no one can understand it.
  8. Yeah thats what I thought thanks for the input though
  9. its better to understand a flawed partially right model then to understand no model at all
  10. There are 4 distinct groups of stem cells; Adult stem cells, Infant stem cells, Fetal stem cells, and Embryonic stem cell. Society currently accepts the use of all these except Fetal stem cells. ASCs are derived from adults and so do not kill the host yet they are not pluripotent ESCs are usually obtained from the left overs of in vitro and are pluripotent Infant Stem Cells are obtained from the umbilical cord and are pluripotent It is only because Fetal Stem Cells result in the destruction of the fetus that society has raised a flag.
  11. I know that Time is relative to the observer but at t=0 for any observer does that mean that t=0 for all other observers anywhere?
  12. Yeah I guess my analogy was incorrect. Thanks for the explanation
  13. your right lets start off teaching kids Quantum mechanics in kindergarten see how well they pass their first final
  14. yes, But newtonian gravity is completely wrong as well but because it helps people understand a basic concept. planets orbit because they have a high enough energy to escape the pull of the planet; if you increase an orbiting objects velocity it moves farther from what its orbiting. Electrons in ground state have a high enough energy to escape the pull of nucleus, if you increase energy of an electron it moves farther from the nucleus. I would think that this example would be better suited for a high school student who probably hasn't taken calculus and thus doesn't have the understanding of why orbitals are solutions of the wave function. I was just trying to make it as simple as possible and while no model is perfect if it does what you want it to, that is all you need
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