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    ERD, Energy Renewal Device. Of course, what I made was impossible because a force cannot make more than it is. It was a circuit that consisted of a battery which had two outputs- one to the lightbulb, another to a motor. The motor was connected to a generator, which connected back to the battery. But I assumed it was 100% clean energy that wouldn't run out. I just watched it not-long-enough-to-see-the-battery run out. Aww, I was so close to clean energy!
  2. Well, I think that this would be the only way, because weight has to be number 1 in your experiment. So if you made a huge magnet platform, took a skateboard, and put the same poled magnet on the bottom, and removed the wheels, it would.. STILL definitely not work. Seriously I don't think it's really possible to make something that will keep you up, that's easy to balance on- it is going to be hard.
  3. .... I'm at eighth grade science, can you sort of explain for me? is that at eighth grade science? you know, I AM likely just in my grade (6th) but I'm a little too scientifically advanced sometimes.
  4. Nothing is more than likely somewhere, but it;s near impossible to make nothing. It would be an intense vacuum. INTENSE. like, man could never make it. ever.
  5. You know, I got a theory about lazer beams that we could make them by condensing protons into bullets. If we get to a quark, and condense a couple million of them into a bullet? I didn't really think about quarks being in protons- and that they're little molecular charges.
  6. Ironic- I just bought this two dollar mirror- look into it for me, I have no idea how it works- Two mirrors. Now, make it so if you were looking at the mirror it would be convex (facing inward) Do that with both of them. Now cut a little hole in one of them. Put them on top of each other so the hole is facing up. Heres the cool part- if you put a small object inside, a copy comes up. You want to try to touch it? blam, it's a hologram. look at how this could be working, I bet your project would pass with the right info.
  7. I agree with insane alien- and I'm pretty sure C3H8 would be carbon three atoms, hydrogen eight atoms. I don't really see those numbers. P.S. I could be wrong. I'm eleven. I just am more advanced than most
  8. Well, I'm only really interested in science because I keep on thinking up theories. Then I want to see if they have been tested, then I'll proboably never figure out because I would mostly have to spend bajillions of dollars to test it. But here are some sci-fi things and my theories for them, and why I think it's possible or not. I THINK IS POSSIBLE- Lazer Beams This is warfare, but I do have a theory for this, but it leads to something else impossible. After I saw the movie "War of the Worlds" I wondered how the lazer beams could be real. Well, I know this too is likely impossible, but- what if we condensed protons to something like a bullet? would that be what people now call "lazer beams?" Cloning Really, it's already happening- but only for females at the time. A while ago (2001?) a scientist removed the egg cell from a lamb. He then let body cells stay around it for a while. The result? a fetus DID start to grow. it was the exact duplicate of the lamb because there was no other genes to be mixed besides hers. Teleportation Really, you got to think about it more simple. People in Quantum Physics are already developing scanners that can tell oxygen from hydrogen or whatever. So if you took all the elements of yourself, turned them into electric signals like a phone does, and send it to another pod- Well, now I'm stuck. at this point there is a clone of you who likely doesn't have a beating heart somewhere across the country or something. If you have any ideas, help me out! Preventing age I read a book saying that people die of natural causes- old age, really- is because DNA strands fall and die (I don't think I can really believe that book, huh) so if we prevented the strands to fall, what would happen? eternal life? (SEE FRANKENSTIEN UNDER IMPOSSIBLE) I THINK IS NOT POSSIBLE- Frankenstien- the animation of dead tissue TOO scary for me to think about. and if I DID get a theory, alot of people would really be angry or upset at me. So I don't really want to get in trouble. (but I am thinking about it. SHH!) Time Travel Completely impossible. I doubt that in zillions of years, man will have a time machine. I already have proof. No one is coming to visit us, and they talk as if time is a solid. It's not. It's something that is in your mind. it doesn't exist.
  9. I admit, this was on a television show. But it IS very perplexing. Isaac Newton was the scientist who discovered gravity. Well, the TV show said he also went into atoms, but he was almost TOO long ago to know about that. Anyway, supposedly he thought that electrons circled the nucleus of an atom because of gravity. A few minutes after I watched that, I noticed something: If the electrons orbited the electron because of gravity, then they would also have to eventually collide with the nucleus, and the atom would likely no longer exist. Every object would be imploding really fast- and I really think that I would be consisting of two or three atoms right now if that was happening. So if the electrons aren't held to the nucleus by gravity, by what?
  10. Hello! I'm only eleven years old in sixth grade, but my reading level is at 8th grade. And, well, I'm pretty interested in science. Actually, my interest started at 5 years old. Well, now I'm also considered by my teachers a 8th grade level (approximately) at science too. I don't mean to talk too much but hey how else is anyone going to know me? Anyway, I mostly have scientific theories. (DID A SIXTH GRADER MAKE A HYPOTHESIS?) Really, I also do some science experimenting. Well, hope to get to know YOU on the forums!
  11. So you're a beginner to the forums? well, me too. But you're lucky- I know quite a bit about chromosones. (Well, it's mostly your opinion) Ask me a question!
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