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  1. IMO expanding bullets in scenario's of counterterrorism are perfectly logical.In hostage situations the abilty to quickly incapacitate the terrorist is vital to a succesfull outcome(The liberty of the hostage/s and their numbers are reflected on this success) Simply injuring a terrorist, will result in the loss of life of as many hostages as possble.In the time available and amunition supply at the terrorists disposal.
  2. To be honest unless theres a big scare eg BSE..i tend to ignore studies which are inconclusive.Its well documented that giving milk(cows ) to children is more benefitial and far outways any negative effects.....unless they are adding some new growth hormone or something....and we all develop mantits
  3. Ecoli...your going to have to accept that there are those here,who think its a cool thing to.. a)Blaspheme b)Ridicule anyone who posts their thoughts on the concept of the existence of GOD They do this because on the whole,some here are social misfits....with no friends in the real world they falsly believe,that this sort of behaviour is the 'norm'.They think they champion SCIENCE because thats the science standpoint! and they want to be on the winning side.But this is just their ignorant,biggoted view of the world they percieve through lack of social skills.When in groups of people they are the ones with the paranoid feelings(everyone seems to talk over me...why dont they want to hear my latest essay on prof Hawking..SIGH..) However we know in the real world that they are many scientists who are religious,and many who are not. When someone feels the need to state they are athiest in their opening statement,which isnt really relevant to the particular thread.They are seeking approval from others here "hey his one of us lets all attack the little religious boy...blah blah creationist nutter etc" So the best thing to do is argue your point and leave it at that.Otherwise no matter how or who you reply to with logic and reason YOUR the one attacked as a troll,or spammer...and promptly banned. But the other side of the coin is BE GRATEFULL,many similar forums are dropping the religious sections because of arguments IMO to the detriment of the forum.
  4. At the end of the day,most days actually.Some organisations BS leaps into the news,'this is bad for you','so is this'. When in reality if you actually believe them,they would be nothing to eat.....which when one reflects is pretty BAD for you!
  5. I prefer colour because thats how you spell it! Americans have alot of words that make no real sense,indeed not more than one generation away from pidgeon english.If you want to 'nit pick' i totally find it offensive to call someones backside their fanny.
  6. I think SFN setup overall is excellent.If anything could improve it...it would be to auto direct you to the last post in the thread.
  7. Artorius

    Infant Euthenasia

    Just on the subject of 'brainless'. I watched a documentary about a year or so ago.Basically modern science accepts BSD with no possible reversal and after discussion with family etc.The patient is allowed to die etc.This based on what we think we know of the brain. However this documentary was of two ladies one US and the other UK who went for a scan due to some other ailment.What transpired was that these women had very little brain.It was basically a bag of fluid with a thin outer layer of brain tissue.Other than a few sight problems these people functioned quite normally. What im saying is maybe at birth the brain which is defective later develops in what ever space is granted to it.Could not these babies now being born brains develop at a later stage into a functional person.
  8. Hasnt it already been proven that a singularity cannot BE.Therefore the matter must go somewhere unless the black hole collapses and the matter is released in an energy burst.But i do not think one has the definitive proof that black holes actually exist.Isnt it just our observations of interaction point us to this hypothesis.
  9. I hope you are not married.I would be dissapointed if i was your spouse.Its only my opinion but your failing to see the big picture.Marriage isnt professing your love,its a covernent you enter into before GOD.So if your spouse has dementia and you decide to take the next bus out of town.Morally and in the eyes of your peers you deserve to be shot!!!!
  10. seconded!! David Icke might think so,but be honest.If gov have some agenda to wipe out africans one would think lets just let them get on with it.Reality tells us gov around the world would not waste billions in aid on a virus they encouraged.I dont want to get involved in the HIV doesnt cause AIDS argument has i have not researched it.However i will say if it was a deliberate plot it certainly backfired,and if they was a cure caucasion people would all be vaccinated.Seeing as how this facist statement hasnt happened,you can be assured we dont have a cure!!!
  11. In short your criteria still allow a homicidal doctor to falsify and kill people.Perhaps adding that an independant board of physiciansm must sanction the patients request.And only after 2-3 doctors from different practices appeal on the patients behalf.Do you think that this may be a added criteria.
  12. This structure and format is very similar to what they already have in switzerland,is that were you got this list from ...Switzerland by the way has the highest PAS in the world. My own personal opinion is we need no change in the law.To safeguard members of the public PAS should remain a criminal offense.The doctor-patient relationship in a severe terminaly ill scenario,is a private and unique one.It is for the people concerned and wether the doctor chooses to ease the suffering of his patient is a very upsetting and private act.Remaining a criminal offence will desuade and hopefully catch any mad doctors bumping off people willy-nilly.Harold shipman springs to mind,im sure he helped a few really ill patients however whatever clinical illness he suffered from gave him free reign to murder people. If it is ever de-criminalised im certain no matter what guidlines are in place they will always be ways around it and falsification.You have to realise the moral code and duty these people swear to uphold when we place ourselves in there care.What would be their moral guidence when their board of directors at the local hospital trust says "oh we cannot afford such and such drugs just put them out of their misery...besides we need the bed" !!!
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