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  1. I think the Italian Physicist Paola Zizzi posits that the universe accrued consciousness during the expansion of the universe in the very early big bang. She has a few papers about this sort of thing. You must have heard of the 'Big WOW' theory?
  2. Where does 'status quo bias' enter into this?
  3. According to the Orch OR theory, stars partake of the Objective Reduction of consciousness. If the OR of consciousness is the primary classification for 'being alive' then sure... stars are alive. We can say they have primal consciousness but I wouldn't want to speculate if they are self aware due to nuclear forces within the star or from other factors.
  4. Alrah

    Orch OR

    Orch OR is of particular interest to me, as it seems to provide an explanation for things that mystics in societies around the world have been writing about and experiencing for thousands of years without really knowing what was happening to them. The universal mystical 'enlightenment' of consciousness is standardized. There is a feeling of 'leaving the body' - and then dhyana commences which I can gladly cut through the bs for you and describe as a highly energetic state - that is like being an expansive sun and all it's sunshine expanding through the universe (subjectively). It's been my speculation that what may happen in certain states of Dhyana is to mimic the reaction of the body in the death or near death state - and that the descriptions from the mystics correspond to an alignment of the microtubules in the body to trigger a cascade state of awareness that propels the consciousness to a more energetic state. I've also proved Orch OR to my own satisfaction by doing experiments with yeast (which possesses microtubules and possesses consciousness according to the Orch OR model. Do you know that if you keep keep yeast a little hungry (just giving the sugar) and don't feed them the tiny amount of iron they need in their diet, these little critters have the capacity to actually hunt in spacetime for their prey? It's actually quite wonderful, and I'm sure it has a spin off in the microprocessor industry. Bathe an amethyst (high iron content) in a vat of yeast for 24 hours and the yeast increases it's piezoelectric charge! I've no idea if yeast likes Boron but if they do then you guys are in the money. Today I've been wondering how photons from our Sun might affect Orch OR consciousness. It seems quite logical to me that consciousness is a basic property that emerges from the dynamics of Energy, Spacetime, Gravity and Matter, and a basic platform of consciousness should accrue around all forms of matter (including the planet). But my speculative question is: How do photons figure in the Orch OR theory and; how does truly random (rather than most quasi random) quantum noise influence consciousness? [see the work of Stephen Walton on random noise - as for what is really random and what is random but predictable and is subject to noise reduction in machines like the early ID10 produced by Thomas Swann and appropriated by the DOD (UK). - Thank you.
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